UL Standards Awarded Contract for Canadian National Adoption of ISO 10377

NORTHBROOK, IL --- Underwriters Laboratories Inc. announces the awarding of a contract from the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) to facilitate the adoption of ISO 10377 as a National Adoption for Canada. ISO 10377 is a guideline to assist suppliers in managing consumer product safety issues.

Rather than use the traditional approach for the national adoption process, UL's work involves piloting a virtual approach for the standards development process. The pilot will involve forming a virtual committee to review ISO 10377 and identify national differences for Canada.

Benefits of the virtual adoption process include the use of online tools and virtual communication with affected stakeholders, yet the approach will meet all SCC standards development requirements for a National Adoption of Canada. It will also help ensure openness and transparency throughout the consensus process. As part of the pilot, participants will have the option to review select portions of ISO 10377, or the standard in its entirety, depending on one's interest or expertise.

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