UL-Approved Thermistor Provides Current Ratings To 6A, Energy Ratings to 40J

The SL12 10006  circuit protection thermistor comes in what may be the industry's smallest diameter for a UL-approved device with a maximum continuous current rating of 6A and energy rating of 40J. Its small size and high current rating make it viable for appliance motors and fractional horsepower motor drives, 300W to 600W switch mode power supplies, LED drivers, and small inverters for recreational vehicles. The device features a resistance of 10Ω, dissipation constant of 13.5 mW/°C, and a thermal time constant of 42s. The thermistor can handle body temperatures up to +210°C at 100% of its maximum current rating. Volume pricing for U.S. delivery starts at $0.18 per piece.  Download a datasheet at https://www.ametherm.com/datasheetspdf/SL1210006.pdf



Carson City, NV




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