UEI Releases High-Speed Analog Input Boards

WALPOLE, MA -- United Electronic Industries (UEI) is pleased to announce the release of the DNA- and DNR-AI-217 high speed, high resolution analog input boards. The boards provide 16 fully differential channels of 24-bit, analog inputs with seven software programmable input ranges from ±10 to ±0.156 V full scale. The A/D per channel configuration eliminates the noise and offset errors associated with multiplexed inputs and, at the same time, allows all 16 channels to be sampled simultaneously. Both boards offer 30 Ksps sampling rates per channel and 480 Ksps aggregate for an entire board. The new board is pin-for-pin compatible with UEI's popular DNx-AI-207 series and provides an easy upgrade to a higher speed, higher accuracy solution.

The DNA version of the board is designed for mounting in any of UEI's popular 6-slot PowerDNA UEIPAC, UEISIM, and UEIModbus "Cubes". The DNR version is designed for use with the 6- or 12-slot rack-mounted HalfRACK and RACKtangle chassis.

Software for the boards includes support for all popular operating systems including Windows, Linux, QNX, VxWorks and more. Windows/Vista software for the DNA/DNR-AI-217 is provided in the UEIDAQ Framework. The Framework provides a comprehensive, easy to use API that supports all popular programming languages and DAQ applications, including LabVIEW, MATLAB/Simulink, DASYLab or any application supporting ActiveX, OPC or Modbus TCP control.

"The availability of new low cost, high speed, high resolution A/D converters has made it possible for UEI to offer the DNx-AI-217 simultaneous sampling analog input boards", says UEI President Shaun Miller, "Release of these high performance boards allows our popular platforms to address many new control applications in a wide range of industries."

DNA-AI-217$1600Delivery from Stock (starting 4/19/10)
DNR-AI-217$1750Delivery from Stock (starting 4/19/10)


About the "Cube"
UEI's powerful "Cube" architecture is a compact (4 x 4 x 4 in. or 4 x 4 x 5.8 in.) Ethernet-based I/O platform. It may be deployed in five configurations: 1) Ethernet I/O slaved to a host PC, 2) Stand alone Data Logger/Recorder, 3) Linux-based Programmable Automation Controller (UEIPAC), or 4) Simulink / RTW target (UEISIM), 5) Modbus TCP based I/O slave (UEI Modbus). Each Cube consists of a core module (with processor and network interface) and three or six open I/O slots. Users select the deployment option and I/O boards that meet their system requirements. With over 30 I/O boards available, there's sure to be a configuration to meet any application requirement. A six-slot Cube provides up to: 150 analog inputs (up to 24 ICP channels), 192 analog outputs, 288 digital I/O, 48 counter or quadrature channels, 72 ARINC-429 channels and/or 24 Serial or CAN-bus ports.

About the RACKtangle
The RACKtangle I/O chassis offers a similar capability as the cube, but in a more conventional, 3U rack form factor with easily accessed front-loading I/O boards. In addition, it offers 12 I/O slots and supports up to 300 A/D (including up to 48 ICP channels), 394 D/A, 576 DIO, 144 ARINC-429 or 96 CAN or Serial I/O ports. The Gigabit interface also provides two independent ports, one used for primary system control and the second used for real-time diagnostics. The HalfRACK chassis is the same except with 6-slots.

About UEI
Founded in 1990, UEI is a leader in the PC/Ethernet data acquisition and control, Data Logger/Recorder and Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) markets. UEI's I/O "Cube" and RACKtangle I/O chassis are compact, rugged platforms, ideal for DAQ, Logging, and control applications in a wide range of applications and industries including automotive, aerospace/aviation, unmanned vehicles, appliance test, simulator control, in-vehicle test, wind and solar power system control, semiconductor manufacturing, medical equipment, and more. UEI offers both COTS and custom products to OEMs, end-users, and systems integrators worldwide. With analog, digital, counter, CAN-bus, Serial I/O, ARINC-429 I/O and more, UEI will have the interface you need. UEI supports all popular Windows, Vista, Linux and Real-time operating systems, programming languages and application packages, including LabVIEW, MATLAB and DASYLab.

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