UAV Navigation Demos Sea-Skimming Avionics Application

NEW YORK, NY -- UAV Navigation, a leading vendor of flight control avionics and motion processing solutions, announced that it had successfully tested its LCAP avionics in a Sea-Skimming target UAV application.

UAV's LCAP avionics solution is fifth-generation avionics system, and the outcome of more than 8 years of experience in MEMs-based high-performance (Attitude and Heading Reference System) ("AHRS") and advanced flight control technology. The LCAP excels at high-dynamic flight evolutions and provides excellent navigation performance in a lightweight, low-power, physical format.

The target UAV successfully flew at cruise speed only a few meters over the water and followed its flight plan without the intervention of a human pilot. The test was carried out on a firing range in cooperation with the manufacturer, Sistemas de Control Remoto (SCR). This test flight was in anticipation of future bids for low-cost targets that can mimic the threat of different types of sea-skimming missiles. Many countries are looking for cost-effective ways to maintain training standards to counter the threat of sea-skimming cruise missiles or attacking planes to naval and commercial vessels.

Juan Luque, UAV Navigation's Flight Control Expert and co-founder, commented: "This is an important milestone in establishing the performance and flexibility of our new avionics. Flying at high speeds and low altitude above sea level without human intervention leaves no room for error and requires perfect flight control performance."

About UAV Navigation
Founded in 2004, UAV Navigation is a privately owned company that specializes in the design of flight control systems and motion processors. The Company's high performance navigation and flight control solutions are used by many renowned global aerospace companies in a wide range of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), such as high-performance tactical unmanned planes, targets, mini UAVs, helicopters and quadcopters aerial vehicles.

UAV Navigation's line of motion processor solutions addresses the rapidly expanding market for motion sensing and processing technology. This technology is increasingly being used in a wide range of applications for the sporting goods, automotive and consumer electronics markets. The cornerstone of the Company's success is in its technology for navigation, motion processing algorithms and deep integration. A multinational team of experts with backgrounds as diverse as aerospace or microelectronics contributes in bringing motion processing technology to new markets.

UAV Navigation is an ISO9001-certified company with offices in Spain and the United States.

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