u-IT Cluster Center to Purchase MEMS Cluster Tool from Oerlikon

BALZERS, Liechtenstein /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- In June, u-IT Cluster Center, a Korean RFID/USN infrastructure facility providing foundry service of MEMS sensors (USN Fab) and RFID/USN-related activities, from design to testing of RFID/USN products (RFID/USN Engineering Lab), signed a contract to purchase a Clusterline 200 II manufacturing tool from Oerlikon for 6 in. and 8 in. MEMS R&D and mass production.

With this decision, u-ITC is positioning to be one of the leaders in next-generation wafer processing development in northeast Asia. The Clusterline will be installed at USN Fab located in the u-IT Cluster Center, Songdo, Korea.

"We've evaluated the available wafer-production equipment and were primarily impressed by Oerlikon," says Dr. Sang-Chul Shin, President at u-IT Cluster Center. The Clusterline is approved by major MEMS and semiconductor manufacturers worldwide, featuring excellent process capabilities for production, not only for MEMS but also for UBM, BSM, TFH, IC, and other compound applications, where Oerlikon has demonstrated technology and CoO leadership for many years.

"This high-volume production platform of choice for highly sophisticated and specialized applications offers many new opportunities to the manufacturers," says Andreas Dill, Head of Systems within Oerlikon. "We are proud that we have been selected as the partner of choice. The fact that we have been rewarded with the distinction 'VLSI 10 Best Award' for the ninth consecutive year proves our dedication for making our customers successful. This is another great reward for all our efforts to provide the semiconductor industry with superior process and production solutions."

Clusterline 200 II has a large installed base around the world, with major semiconductor manufacturers. The tool provides state-of-the-art process capabilities coupled with flexibility to enhance the system with additional customized features. The open systems architecture allows easy tool configuration for PVD, Soft Etch, and PECVD. The new generation Clusterline is fully process-compatible with previous Clusterline tools installed in the market place, while providing extendibility through innovative features that are evident in improved overall performance.

About Oerlikon
Oerlikon is one of the world's most successful high-tech industrial groups specializing in machine and plant engineering. The company is a leader in the field of industrial solutions and innovative technologies for textile manufacture, thin-film solar and thin-film coating, and drive, precision, and vacuum systems. With roots in Switzerland and a long tradition stretching back 100 years, Oerlikon is a global player with a workforce of more than 19,000, at 170 locations, in 35 different countries. The company's sales amounted to CHF 5.6 billion, and it ranks either first or second in the respective global markets. In 2007, approximately 5% of the turnover was invested in research and development (CHF 274 million).

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