u-blox GPS Powers LandAirSea Miniature GSM-Based Tracker

CARY, IL and RESTON, VA /PRNewswire/ -- LandAirSea Systems, the leading provider of mass market GPS-based tracking devices, announced the launch of a miniature, battery-powered, GSM-based real-time vehicle tracking unit featuring u-blox 5 GPS technology from Swiss GPS technology provider, u-blox.

LandAirSea's new 8100G tracking device incorporates the latest in GPS and wireless technology to accurately determine the exact location of a vehicle, and can be used to track individual vehicles or entire fleets. Based on the highly successful CDMA-based 8100, the innovative 8100G now additionally offers GSM network operability. As the prevalent mobile communications standard worldwide, GSM operability significantly widens the device's geographical reach.

The much-anticipated 8100G will provide fleet managers, government agencies, business owners, as well as consumers real-time vehicle and asset tracking device that uses the immensely popular Google Earth program for high-resolution satellite imaging. Since GSM is the most prevalent mobile communications standard worldwide, the new 8100G will allow LandAirSea to expand its customer base beyond the USA and Canada.

"We have been working with u-blox GPS technology for more than 6 years and have always been extremely pleased with the quality and performance of their receivers", said Rob Wagner, CEO of LandAirSea. "For our new tracker we did extensive testing of other available GPS technology and found u-blox' new u-blox 5 receivers to be clearly superior, both in price and performance".

The 8100 tracking unit features a u-blox GPS receiver boasting 2 m position accuracy and –160 dBm sensitivity, which enables accurate, reliable tracking, even in difficult signal environments.

"We are very proud that LandAirSea decided to use u-blox 5 for the 8100G," said Nikolaos Papadopoulos, President of u-blox America. "LandAirSea's customers require ultra-fast, accurate position availability, even in covert installations. Our innovative Kickstart and SuperSense technologies were developed to respond accurately and reliably to those needs".

The self-contained device measures approx. 1 in. x 2 in. x 3 3/4 in. (2.5 cm x 5 cm x 9.5 cm), and is battery-powered and completely portable. It also can be hard-wired for permanent applications. Other key features of the 8100G include live 1-second updates, a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, a motion sensor, a wiring harness for permanent installation, in and out of zone geo-fencing with text message and/or email notification and a data logging features that enables remote downloads.

8100G samples are available from LandAirSea's Web site. Volume shipments are scheduled for Q2 2008.

About LandAirSea Systems
Headquartered in Cary, IL, LandAirSea Systems, Inc. has been a pioneer providing GPS-based tracking technology since 1994. Developers of the world's smallest GPS tracking key, LandAirSea today has hundreds of thousands GPS tracking systems in operation worldwide, making it an industry leading provider of effective, cost-efficient tracking solutions for government, consumer as well as businesses.

About u-blox
u-blox is an international company headquartered in Switzerland. u-blox has subsidiaries in the USA, Singapore and Hong Kong and additional representative offices in China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Founded in 1997, u-blox develops leading positioning technology, products and services based on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), including GPS and Galileo, for the automotive and mobile communications markets.

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