Typewriter Keyboards Make A Virtual Comeback

If what goes around comes around, then AZIO is on the right path with its vintage-looking, typewriter-style keyboard using genuine leather and metal alloy. Not too vintage in concept, the stylish peripheral packs Bluetooth connectivity and backlit keycaps. Of course, users can go old school and use the keyboard wired,


The luxurious typewriter-inspired mechanical keyboard is named Retro Classic and offers two interface options for users to choose from: USB or Bluetooth. It is compatible with Windows and Mac, and is available in three styles: Onyx, Posh, and Artisan.


Vintage Typewriter Keyboard using Genuine Leather, Metal Alloy, Backlit Keycaps, Wired or Wireless

The keyboard frame is forged with an attention-getting zinc aluminum alloy, polished and plated into a black chrome or satin copper finish that compliments a leather top plate.  Hex bolts are added to enhance the structure and to add an industrial vintage element to the keyboard. Prototyping with an array of different materials, the company decided to use genuine leather for the top plate, which, allegedly, gives it a traditional and high-quality look.


The most luxurious typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard - Retro Classic Posh

 The Retro Classic Bluetooth edition works for Mac and Windows using interchangeable key caps.  

Each keyboard has a custom logo plaque featuring premium grade brushed anodized aluminum. Adding to the vintage aura, each plaque is embossed with the product name and filled with a glossy lacquer paint for shine. For more information, checkout the AZIO website. ~MD