Tyco Unveils First In-Mask Thermal Intelligence System

Tyco Unveils First In-Mask Thermal Intelligence System

The Scott Sight in-mask thermal intelligence system is designed to improve firefighter safety by providing the real-time benefits of thermal imaging in plain sight. The design integrates a lightweight camera and display in the firefighter's mask, keeping the thermal image in view at all times. Wearer’s hands are left free to perform other critical operations, representing a significant shift in fire safety operations and equipment. Scott Sight is said to be the first commercial product resulting from the company's Firefighter of the Future initiative, an internal "lean startup" team that began in 2014. This team operates in a specially-designed "technology garage" and is tasked with developing innovative solutions that improve firefighter safety and contribute to a more rapid and accurate development of situational awareness. For more details, visit http://www.scottsafetynation.com  

Princeton, NJ

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