Two-Wire Hall-Effect Latch Boasts Automotive-Grade EMC Performance

Two-Wire Hall-Effect Latch Boasts Automotive-Grade EMC Performance
Allegro MicroSystems Inc.

The A1245 two-wire Hall-effect latch with increased magnetic sensitivity implements patented high frequency, four-phase, chopper-stabilization techniques to achieve magnetic stability over an operating temperature range from -40ºC to +150ºC. The device is designed for speed and position sensing of ring-magnets or other moving/rotating assemblies in applications that are safety-critical and/or have long wiring harnesses. Overall ruggedness, including ISO 7637-2 performance, is achieved with an integrated voltage regulator, clamping diodes, ESD protection, and reverse-battery protection. The device is offered in two package styles. The LH is a SOT-23W style, miniature low profile package for surface-mount applications. The UA is 3-pin ultra-mini single inline packages (SIP) for through-hole mounting. Price is $0.61 each/1,000 for either package. A datasheet is available at

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