Tweet And Yee Shall Be Heard

As we start preparing for Sensors Expo 2016, we always look forward to see what’s going to be the most important emerging technologies in the world of sensors. In fact, the only time we look backwards is to see what we could do better.

This year, Sensors Expo widens its scope with coverage of embedded systems and related products. This is a perfect match because what all those sensors will be interfacing to will be computers of all sizes and systems, servers, wireless systems, and numerous PCBs, all falling into the domain of embedded designers and software programmers.

If the IoT is going to function, sensors will be shaking hands with embedded systems. And like sensors, embedded systems, software, and apps are present in every market from military to medical and commercial to consumer.

With such a wide playing field, one can definitely get lost in the abyss of new products, technologies, and forecasts. Obviously, the best resource for what’s hot is our readers and subscribers, so we asked them to tweet what technologies they were looking forward to seeing blossom in 2016. Their tweets were equally wide. Here is a small selection of the tweets we received.

  • Matt tweeted biomedical sensor and printing applications are exciting, as well as other MEMS applications.
  • Jim Kao is also hot for #SensorsNewYear Biomedical sensors.
  • Kyle tweets LED lighting is the sensor technology poised to take off in the Sensors New Year. Looking forward to June 2016! Yes, some LEDs can perform as sensors while there are a plethora of applications using LEDs with sensor control
  • David is excited for energy harvesting technology! This is an emerging technology that should hit its pace soon,
  • Erwin tweets #2016 will be another exciting year for #IoT sensors. I look forward to #SensorsNewYear and the #sensorsExpo at San Jose on June 21-23.
  • Ben wants to see anything for mobile robotics: Lidar, UWB, vision, etc.! These are emerging technologies as well and should see action in 2016.
  • Greg is looking forward to pressure sensors at #Sensors16 while David says the coolest sensing technologies are mobile and wearable #SensorsNewYear
  • Nicholas believes fiber optic sensors could soon see wide spread adoption.

As noted, reader interests are varied and wide open. Well there’s only one thing you can about this and that is, you will see the best examples and demos of all these technologies plus embedded systems at Sensors Expo 2016 in San Jose. Of course you will miss out on all fun unless you do two simple things: register and attend, amen. ~MD



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