Turnkey Technical Cleanliness Solution Compliant with Industry Standards

WALTHAM, MA --- OLYMPUS announces the launch of the CIX90 technical cleanliness control system. The new system is purpose-built for reliable, efficient cleanliness inspection with an intuitive interface that provides step-by-step guidance to users, helping ensure that manufacturers can maintain high-quality standards without disrupting their workflow.

The OLYMPUS CIX90 system is a dedicated turnkey solution for technical cleanliness optimized for fast, accurate, and reproducible particle detection that delivers classification and reporting in accordance with international cleanliness standards. A patented new polarization method detects both reflective (metallic) and non-reflective particles in a single scan. Other features include:

• Reproducible observation conditions and high-image quality
• Integrated calibration and maintenance tools help ensure settings are always correct
• Live processing of contaminant particles ranging from 2.5 µm up to 42 mm
• Image stitching automatically reconstructs images of large particles

The advanced hardware of the OLYMPUS CIX90 inspection system is fully integrated with a redesigned, intuitive user interface, and powerful software. Dedicated workflows guide inspectors step-by-step through the entire process, so even inexperienced users can generate reliable results. This minimizes inspection and overall process time. The system comes loaded with all of the major standards used in the automotive and aerospace industries, and companies can easily input and use their own standards. An inspector simply selects their desired standard and the OLYMPUS CIX90 system scans the inspection filter membrane. During the inspection process, all of the relevant data are displayed on a single screen, including live and overview images. Sample information and live results show the number of particles in each size class. The scanned membrane is automatically saved for reprocessing or recalculation.

Thumbnail images of all detected contaminants are linked with their dimensional measurements, making reviewing, revising, and recalculating particle data before documenting the results simple. Within the review process, all results are automatically updated and displayed in all views and classification bins. Exporting files, generating templates, and creating robust reports that comply with international standards is as easy as clicking your mouse.

The new OLYMPUS CIX90 cleanliness inspection system is available in four languages — English, French, German and Spanish. Every OLYMPUS CIX90 inspection system is assembled and calibrated in our factory, setting a new standard for reproducibility in technical cleanliness inspection.

For more information, visit http://www.olympus-ims.com/en/microscope/cix90

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