Turbine Flow Meter Teams With Flow Totalizer To Form Wireless Flow Control System

AW-LAKE’s TW Series turbine flow meter provides an accuracy to ±1% of reading or better and a 0.1% repeatability in flow measurement applications involving oils, water, and some chemicals. 

Besides new installations, the meters or meter internals are drop-in replacements to Kimray, NuFlo, Haliburton, Cameron, and Blancett turbine flow meters in existing applications. TW Flow Meters are available in a wide range of sizes and integrate with the SignalFire Flow Totalizer as part of a wireless flow control system.  Working together, the Flow Meter and Totalizer can measure, locally display, and wirelessly transmit intelligent flow data to a gateway for remote monitoring and control on a PC, PLC or other control system.  


The TW Series Turbine Meters are available in flow ranges from 0.6 to 5,000 gallons per minute and feature a 316 stainless steel construction, tungsten carbide rotor shaft and tight machining tolerances. Working pressures are up to 5,000 psi and fluid temperatures range from -150ºF to +350°F. For more information on the TW Series Oil & Gas Turbine Flow Meter, call the company at 800-850-6110.

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