Tunable Capacitors Sustain 4G Performance

Tunable Capacitors Sustain 4G Performance

The second generation of STPTIC electronically tunable capacitors feature improvements that include an increased tuning ratio that helps maximize mobile download speeds and call quality. The capacitors compensate for changing matching conditions to ensure optimal signal-power transfer between the smartphone’s antenna and power amplifier. Improved 5:1 tuning ratio allows the system to apply extra correction when needed. Other improvements include lower parasitic resistance and inductance, which boost efficiency and reduce heat dissipation, and a higher ESD rating for greater robustness. The new STPTIC capacitors are in mass production now in 4-bump 0.4 mm-pitch flip-chip packages, priced from $0.40 each/1,000. For more details, visit http://www.st.com/rf-tunable-capacitors-nb

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