Tube Inspection System from AcousticEye

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The Dolphin G3 from AcousticEye Ltd., Leusden, The Netherlands, uses acoustic pulse reflectometry (APR) to perform noninvasive, NDT of heat exchanger system tubes of every configuration, size, and material for oil and gas, chemical, and power-generation applications. The system can fully inspect each tube in <9 s, regardless of its length, configuration, or material and lets you test 100% of heat exchanger tubes. Software automatically detects and numbers the tubes, producing a complete tube sheet map in seconds. The system consists of an 8 kg main unit that connects to a compact, 1.1 kg handheld probe with LCD and associated software and can identify bulges, end-of-tube erosion, fouling, and inward dents.

Contact Info

Company: AcousticEye
Country: Netherlands
Phone number: 888-874-4779

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