TT Electronics to Present & Exhibit at the Sensors Expo 2018


Engineers from TT Electronics will be onsite to promote the company’s broad range of sensing solutions, including: reflective optical sensors, rotary position sensors, and a new smart labelling system for its thermocouples

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CARROLLTON, TX. (June 22, 2018) – TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered-electronics for performance critical applications, will deliver a technical presentation and exhibit at the 2018 Sensors Expo and Conference, which will take place June 26–28 in San Jose, California.


Widely recognized as the sensor industry’s largest event in North America, the Sensors Expo provides attendees with insight into the latest sensor trends, products, and solutions. This year’s three-day conference will consist of keynote speakers, multiple technical sessions, and more than 300 exhibitors, in addition to several networking opportunities, and will address topics including: MEMS and sensors, energy harvesting and power management, IoT and wireless, optical sensing and detection, designing for industrial & embedded IoT, and more.


On Thursday, June 27, TT Electronics’ Field Applications Engineer – Sensors and Specialist Components, Sergey Komarov, will deliver a presentation entitled “Integrating and Doing More with Less (Optical Sensors)” at 10:00am.


In addition, TT Electronics’ Global Product Manager Walter Brooks will also be onsite to introduce attendees to the features and benefits of a wide range of new and existing products, including:


  • TT Electronics’ new Smart Labelling System, which is designed to quickly and accurately transfer all the encoded data for an individual thermocouple into a customer’s database.
  • TT Electronics’ Potentiometers Hollow Shaft (PHS) Rotary Position Sensors, which are hollow shaft single turn position sensors that provide precision sensing in harsh environments and critical applications.
  • TT Electronics’ Photologic® V OPB9000 Reflective Optical Sensors, which are designed for industrial and medical applications, and deliver dependable edge and presence detection of reflective media under a wide range of ambient light conditions.

“The Sensors Expo is such an important, industry-leading event that connects engineers and engineering professionals to the most current sensing technologies that offer new and innovative solutions,” said Brooks. “We look forward to introducing attendees to the broad range of high-performance sensor solutions that TT Electronics has to offer.”


For more information about TT Electronics, please visit Booth #830 at the Sensors Expo 2018, navigate to, or call 972-323-2200.


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