True Pulse Generators Pack Wealth Of Features

True Pulse Generators Pack Wealth Of Features
Saelig Co. Inc.

The TGP3100 series true pulse generators deliver pulses from 1 mHz up to 50 MHz with pulse width and delay resolutions of 100 ps. Single- and dual-channel models are available with large graphic LCDs. The instruments are true pulse generators using all-digital techniques, and can perform as noise and function/arbitrary generators. They have a dedicated pulse generator architecture, enabling higher resolution of pulse width and delay, and asynchronous operation with minimal jitter. Other features include independently variable rise and fall times that can be set from 5 ns to 800s, PWM and PDM, and the ability to perform linear and logarithmic sweeps of all waveform types as well as extensive internal/external modulation of all waveforms (e.g. AM, FM, PM, SUM, FSK and BPSK etc.), double pulse, and user-defined pulse patterns. For more details and pricing, visit:


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