Grenoble, France and Dallas, TX --- Tronics, a designer and manufacturer of nano and microsystems, has signed a new industrialization contract with an innovative provider of wearable solutions for medical diagnostics. This collaboration will bring additional potential production revenue of $2.5M per year to Tronics in the United States, starting in 2017.

Technologies developed for healthcare applications continue to show robust growth, in response to the specific requirements of the sector. Both life expectancy and chronic diseases are increasing, encouraging more and more startups and medical device manufacturers to move to innovative MEMS-based technologies. Hence, the sensors resulting from these developments significantly improve the performance of existing products, while offering additional features.

Located in Dallas, Texas (USA), Tronics Mems Incorporated provides advanced materials, innovative technology blocks as well as manufacturing flexibility to address emerging and high volume markets. As a result, startups and traditional medical device manufacturers of the BioMEMS industry can offer cost effective sensors with a reduced footprint, tailored for promising applications such as drug research, point-of-care diagnostics, wearable health monitoring or implantable sensors.

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