Tripwire Receives Patent for Method of Monitoring IT Environments

PORTLAND, OR /Marketwire/ -- Tripwire Inc., a leading provider of configuration audit and control solutions, announced the issuance of a new patent (US 7,316,016). The patent "Homogeneous monitoring of heterogeneous nodes" further extends Tripwire's technology leadership as the "first solution designed to monitor diverse objects using a common user interface."

The Tripwire patent describes a method for monitoring activity, tracking compliance, and offering alerts and remediation for diverse nodes. This foundation to configuration audit and control is the method by which enterprises gain an understanding of the state of their IT environment, put it in a trusted state, and keep it there. "Tripwire Enterprise pioneered an architecture to do all those things in a single application," Chief Software Architect Robert DiFalco said.

This patent "proves Tripwire's market leadership." As the "only solution available with the breadth of technology and platform coverage," Tripwire helps IT ensure that they are able to consistently ensure the reliability, compliance, and security of systems across the entire IT infrastructure. The method outlined in the patent, originally filed in 2002, can be used to monitor devices ranging from stand-alone workstations, network appliances, files and directories, digital assistants, cellular devices, or environmental sensors, effectors and actuators—as well as multiple software platforms. Tripwire also holds a broad patent in configuration auditing and control, issued in October 2007.

Tripwire Enterprise 7
Tripwire recently announced the latest edition of Tripwire Enterprise, the "first solution to bring continuous IT operational, regulatory, and security compliance to the data center. Tripwire Enterprise 7 brings immediate value by assessing configurations across the data center, ensuring the enterprise is in a known, trusted and compliant state." Tripwire Enterprise 7 is the "only solution to unite the assessment of IT configurations with configuration change auditing to proactively assess enterprise risk and ensure efficient, compliant, and secure IT operations.

The company currently has more than 6000 customers on its client roster. As the founder of configuration audit and control, Tripwire "stands alone in the breadth and depth of its technology, innovation, and market leadership." Tripwire has seen both record new customer adoption and significant customer satisfaction, proven by its 85% customer renewal rate. The company recently recorded its fourth consecutive year of profitability and positive cash flow, continuing its strong growth rate.

About Tripwire
Tripwire Inc. is the recognized leader of configuration audit and control solutions, serving over 6000 enterprises worldwide. As the "first in the industry to combine configuration assessment with configuration change auditing," Tripwire helps IT organizations automate compliance across the data center, reducing risk and increasing operational efficiency. Tripwire ensures the organization achieves continuous operational, regulatory, and security compliance, helping IT achieve and maintain a known, trusted, and compliant system state. Tripwire is headquartered in Portland, OR, with offices in the U.K., Australia, and Japan.

Tripwire is a registered trademark of Tripwire Inc. All other marks are property of their respective owners.

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