Trillium Announces Acquisition of Oxford Instruments

AUSTIN, TX -- Trillium US Inc, headquartered in Clackamas, OR, announces the acquisition of the Oxford Instruments - Austin division, formerly known as Austin Scientific, effective November 23rd, 2015. Focused on the helium compression based vacuum and temperature management and control sector, Oxford Instruments-Austin provides cryo pump, cold head and compressor service, a range of new cryogenic pumps, cold heads and helium compressors, as well as a full line of related spare parts and accessories.

"The Oxford Instruments-Austin acquisition serves a number of purposes for Trillium," announced Graham Stone, President and CEO of Trillium. "We acquire a significant range of complementary products while strengthening our existing service capabilities, allowing us to further leverage our customer relationships, while also taking us into new markets," he added.

Trillium currently operates a 12,000 SF facility in North Austin servicing primarily rough vacuum pumps and blowers, while the existing 23,000 SF Oxford Instruments-Austin facility is located in South Austin. "We have been very encouraged with the depth of engineering and the high quality level at Oxford Instruments-Austin . Bringing them into the Trillium family will allow us to achieve significant synergies and a larger critical mass by consolidating our TX operations to a single South Austin location," said Glen Murray, Trillium's General Manager and VP-Operations.

Trillium has significantly grown its offerings over the past five years from providing repair service and refurbished equipment to also include new products and spare parts. This transition began as part of the merger with Hamburg, NJ's United Vacuum in 2011, and continues now with this most recent acquisition. "Adding Oxford Instruments-Austin's portfolio to our existing product line further enhances Trillium's value to the customer," added Rob Breisch, Trillium's VP-Sales and Marketing. "Our new cryogenic customers can now rely on us to provide a broader range of vacuum products and services, and our existing customer base can take advantage of Oxford Instruments-Austin's world class support for cryo pumps and helium compressors," he explained.

The business integration is already underway and Trillium plans to transact from South Austin starting November 23rd. "Our immediate focus and number one priority is to ensure this transition is implemented quickly and seamlessly for our customers," stated Graham Stone. He added, "Later phases in the process will include business system migration and consolidation of the facilities."

Trillium expects to complete the full transition by June 2016.

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