Trilliant and Apollo Metro Collaborate On Smart Street Lights and Smart Cities Platform

REDWOOD CITY, CA – Trilliant announces a partnership with Apollo Metro to integrate the Trilliant Smart Communications Platform with Apollo's street lighting platform.

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, the world's 600 fastest-growing cities will account for 60 percent of global economic growth between now and 2025. To sustain this growth, utilities, cities and municipalities must pay closer attention to the way they manage resources and infrastructure. The combined Trilliant and Apollo solution offers utilities, cities and municipalities a powerful smart streetlight and smart cities platform that helps improve public lighting's reliability and efficiency; lowers operational costs; enhances public safety and increases environmental benefits.

The Trilliant Smart Communications platform is a secure, high-performance, reliable, and flexible RF mesh network that is delivering benefits to utilities around the world who collectively serve more than 85 million customers. The IPv6-based Trilliant Platform allows utilities and cities to manage all their smart grid (AMI, DA, DSM), smart street light and smart city applications –over a powerful, integrated network. The Trilliant Platform offers utilities and cities not only a high-performance network to manage the applications they want to deploy today, but also the flexibility to leverage the same powerful network to add new applications over time, greatly lowering costs and accelerating speed of deployments to deliver benefits to customers and citizens. Now, through the company's Open Smart Device Interface (OSDI) partner program, Trilliant is enabling leading device manufacturers such as Apollo, to integrate its solutions into the Trilliant Platform, to further offer utilities and cities best-of-breed smart city applications.

Apollo's street lighting platform uses highly efficient LEDs along with a communication network, sensors and other devices in support of a wide variety of smart city applications. Beyond streetlight control and management, built-in cameras can also be used to enhance security, or monitor traffic to enhance traffic flow via connected traffic light controllers. For example, wrong way drivers can be detected automatically with the option to alert law enforcement or highway patrol to enhance public safety.

"Our intelligent street light solutions work best on a secure, highly-available and reliable communication network that delivers high-performance," said Apollo's CEO, Uli Altvater. "By working with Trilliant, we offer utilities and cities a powerful smart city platform that helps deliver tangible benefits to their operations, customers and societies."

"We are excited to collaborate with Apollo to offer our utility and city customers yet another best-of-breed smart solution that helps them deliver not only reliability, efficiency and operational benefits, but also public safety and environmental benefits," said Mike Mortimer, SVP of Global Sales at Trilliant. "Moreover, this collaboration showcases that our open, IPv6 smart communications platform enables utilities and cities the flexibility and options to choose the best-of-breed applications they need, all on a single communications network."

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