Tridium's Niagara Chosen for Aging Relative Home Care

RICHMOND, VA -- Tridium Inc., the global leader in application software frameworks, automation infrastructure technology and device-to-enterprise integration solutions announced that the company's Niagara Framework has been selected by N2Care as the software platform for driving their new MEDCottage, a mobile medical home for family managed care.

The MEDCottage, the first of its kind, is a stand alone residence filled with biometric technology and environmental controls that allow families and health-care providers to monitor the condition of an aging or disabled relative.

The unit provides the comforts and security of a home setting, proximity to loved ones and access to a whole new level of medical technology. It contains air-filtration systems, communications center video links and devices that allow the remote monitoring of vital signs and sensors that could detect an occupant's fall. In addition, the unit provides entertainment options including a selection of music, reading material and movies. Niagara is bringing all these multiple systems and devices together into one an integrated solution that can be managed on-site as well as remotely from any location.

"We selected the Niagara Framework because of its proven track record for connecting a variety of different devices and systems together. As a universal, reusable software platform, we immediately begin to build on it which allowed us to get our MEDCottage to market faster and at lower costs," said Ken Dupin, founder and CEO of N2Care.

"The MEDCottage strikes the perfect balance of technology and simplicity," said Scott Muench, Tridium's Senior Applications Engineer. "By using the Niagara Framework, the devices in the cottage seamlessly come together and are displayed on a webpage for the remote caregiver. For the loved one living in the cottage, all the systems works together to provide a safe, comfortable and healthy environment—automatically."

Marc Petock, Tridium's vice president global marketing and communications commented, "This application demonstrates the versatility of Niagara and aids in The MEDCottage concept to change senior care and rehabilitative recovery by creating a quality environment for short-term and extended medical care through a less expensive alternative to nursing homes and assisted living facilities."

About N2Care
N2Care is rooted in innovation. Since our inception, we have challenged the status quo with revolutionary options for quality senior care.

As people age or require additional care, many of the treatment options often take them away from their family. N2Care's products give families the ability to directly participate in their loved ones' recovery, rehabilitation or extended care.

Our signature product, the MEDCottage, supports this idea of family-managed healthcare. The MEDCottage is a mobile, modular medical home designed to be temporarily placed on a caregiver's property for rehabilitation and extended care. Simply stated, it's a state-of-the-art hospital room with remote monitoring available so caregivers and family members have peace of mind knowing they are providing the best possible care.

About Tridium
Tridium Inc. is the global leader in open platforms, application software frameworks, automation infrastructure technology, energy management and device-to-enterprise integration solutions. Our technologies extend connectivity, integration and interoperability to the millions of devices deployed in the market today and empowers manufacturers to develop intelligent equipment systems and smart devices that enable collaboration and communication between the enterprise and edge assets.

The company's Niagara Framework is the foundation that makes buildings work and perform better. Niagara integrates, centralizes, manages and controls today's diverse business systems such as temperature, humidity, ventilation, security and energy in any size building and environment. Niagara is creating better buildings—ones that are smarter, use less energy, are more efficient, have lower operating costs, are safer and contribute to a sustainable environment.

Niagara has created a new era in automation and control as the first universal software framework for Internet-enabled control and automation devices and the applications that support them. Niagara integrates diverse building systems and equipment - regardless of manufacturer, or communication protocol into a unified platform that can be easily managed and controlled in real time over the Internet using a standard web browser.

Building owners and facility management receive multiple paybacks in the form of performance efficiencies, reduced capital and operational expenses, and greater returns. System integrators use Niagara products to provide true open solutions without regard for specific protocols, products or technologies.

Today, there are over 200,000 instances of the Niagara Framework operating in 45 countries. Niagara is making buildings better—ones that use less energy, have lower operating costs, are safer, contribute to sustainable environments and deliver significant ROI.

The company is an independent business entity of Honeywell International Inc.

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