Tridium Adds Wireless IP Connectivity to Sedona Framework

SHEFFIELD, England /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Jennic Ltd. has announced that its 6LoWPAN software stack and wireless microcontrollers are enabling Tridium's new ground-breaking Sedona Framework to add low-cost wireless IP connectivity to a wide range of sensors and actuators in M2M applications.

The Sedona Framework is the industry's "first, open-source development framework that provides a complete software platform for developing, deploying, integrating, and managing pervasive device applications at the lowest level." The Sedona Framework distributes decision-making control and manageability to any device and brings intelligence and connectivity to the network edge and back.

Today, market leaders from multiple industries, including the medical equipment and plant controller segments, are adopting the platform. In addition, Belimo and Tridium are cooperating on the development of an actuator using the technology.

"Wireless communication is essential for lowering the costs of automation and expanding the market" commented Steve Fey, President of Tridium. "Jennic's visionary wireless microcontroller coupled with its wireless IP-based 6LoWPAN network layer has allowed us to create the Sedona Framework platform at price and performance levels that were previously unthinkable".

The Sedona Framework was recently awarded the 2008 'Digie' Award for Most Innovative and Best Use of Technology in the Building Technologies category at the Realcomm Conference in June.

"Tridium have driven the capabilities of our 6LoWPAN and wireless microcontrollers to levels of integration and performance that are beyond even our expectations. With an estimated total market of 1bn units, I am certain that there are many more innovative applications for our 6LoWPAN stack and microcontrollers just waiting to be developed." commented Jim Lindop, CEO of Jennic Ltd.

About Jennic
Jennic Ltd. is a fabless semiconductor company, leading the wireless connectivity revolution by providing wireless microcontrollers for a broad range of applications. Its expertise in systems and software combined with world-class RF and digital chip design provides low-cost, highly integrated wireless microcontrollers, with a focus on the IEEE802.15.4 and ZigBee standards. The company's products include state-of-the-art low-power wireless microcontrollers, modules, development platforms, nd protocol and application software. Headquartered in Sheffield, U.K., Jennic also has offices in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the U.S.

About Tridium
Tridium is a global leader in the development of application software frameworks, automation infrastructure technology, and device-to-enterprise integration solutions. Our technology extends, connectivity, integration, and interoperability to the millions of devices deployed in the market today and empowers manufacturers to develop Internet-enabled equipment systems and device-to-enterprise solutions.

The Niagara Framework is a software platform that integrates diverse systems and devices, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol, into a unified platform that can be easily managed and controlled in real time over the Internet using a standard Web browser.

The Sedona Framework is the "industry's first, open-source software-development framework that provides a complete platform for developing, integrating, connecting, and managing pervasive device applications at the lower level."

The company is an independent business entity of Honeywell International Inc.