Trebing + Himstedt Launch Network Diagnostics Software

PHOENIX, AZ, -- Trebing + Himstedt announced the official launch of the award winning TH SCOPE diagnostic software to the North American market. The TH SCOPE was awarded second place at the 2010 European Automation Awards for automation innovation as voted by attendees of the 2010 SPS/IPC/Drives Expo in Nuremburg, Germany. The innovative technology of the TH SCOPE enables users to replace multiple complex diagnostic tools with one, easy-to-use solution. The software displays diagnostics for PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and other Industrial Ethernet protocols, through the combination of the Web-based software tool the TH SCOPE and the network access point the TH LINK.

Unlike other diagnostic tools on the market today, the TH SCOPE was designed with the needs of the end-user in mind. The diagnostic data collected by the TH SCOPE can be easily displayed in any device that has internet capabilities. Users of TH SCOPE are no longer shackled to a desktop PC or HMI screen. The data can easily be viewed on any laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and the TH SCOPE's automatic email alerts ensure a rapid delivery of system malfunctions when they occur.

"The TH SCOPE solves the problem of how to monitor different networks and segments with different protocols. End-users have been frustrated with being forced to purchase multiple expensive software packages to monitor their plant networks. The TH SCOPE enables end-users to connect all of their networks, regardless of the protocols, with one solution. This greatly reduces maintenance and troubleshooting costs while increasing asset life through the TH SCOPE's email alerts and diagnostic information." said Bernd Kremer Sales Manager, Trebing + Himstedt.

With the TH SCOPE end-users can access the status of all networks and diagnostics information, both centrally and remotely. The network quality is evaluated using different parameters, and is clearly displayed in a user-friendly graphical interface which permits critical network alerts to be identified at a glance. This unified diagnostic view, combined with cross-protocol diagnostic functions, has been proven in Europe to greatly reduce systems monitoring costs in all system life cycle phases.

TH SCOPE data is not limited to one level of operator access. The diagnostic information can easily be exported to higher-level applications such as: Historians, ERP systems, Asset Management Systems, Process Control Systems, and even Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft Excel. This is all possible via TH SCOPE's built in OPC connectivity which is fully compliant with the latest OPC Foundation standards. Any existing plant systems with OPC Connectivity can effortlessly connect to the TH SCOPE and enable the flow of diagnostic directly from the plant floor right to the boardroom for more effective business decisions.

Key Features of the TH SCOPE:

  • Easily receive diagnostics from PROFIBUS, PROFIBUS PA, PROFINET, and other Industrial Ethernet protocols through one application with no programming required.
  • Effortlessly track inventory and logistics with real-time alerts.
  • Receive email alerts about system status directly to your PC, laptop, tablet, or Smartphone.
  • Export data to other business applications through a built-in OPC Server.
  • Empowers end-users with the freedom to build and monitor best-of-breed systems

About Trebing + Himstedt
Trebing + Himstedt is an international supplier of products and services that optimize production through better analytics. Our core competency is the universal integration of communication at all levels. We bring data from the plant floor to the boardroom.

Our products and solutions enable complete visibility of industrial networks. We exist to enable industry to improve their processes. We expose data, and provide the conduit to transform data into real-time information. We pride ourselves on pioneering user-friendly concepts for industrial automation.

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