Transmitter/Receiver Coils Are Qi-Compliant And Come In Industry-Standard Sizes

Vishay Intertechnology expanded its offering of Qi-compliant wireless charging transmitter and receiver coils with the introduction of 14 additional components in industry-standard shield sizes. Consisting of eight single-coil transmitters (Tx), three three-coil transmitters (Tx), and three single-coil receivers (Rx), the Vishay Dale products released today offer designers a source for the most popular sizes used in Qi wireless charging pads for handheld battery-powered devices. Available Tx coil types include A11, A6, MP-A9, MP-A6, MP-A4, and MP-A2.

The transmitters offer power ratings from 5W to 15W, while receivers feature power ratings of 3.5W and 5W. The RoHS-compliant coils operate over temperatures from -40°C to +125°C and offer an inductance tolerance of +10 %. All configurations are customizable to user specifications upon request. For more details, datasheets are available as follows: (IWTX50R0CZEB6R3KF1) (IWTX50R0DZEB6R3KF1) (IWTX55R0DZEB8R9KF1) (IWTX5050CZEB6R3KF1) (IWTX5050DZEB6R3KF1) (IWTX5555DEEB100KF1) (IWTX9955DEEB110KF3) (IWTXA653FZEB120KF3) (IWTXA148DGEB9R8KF3) (IWTX5050DEEB100KF1) (IWTX5050FEEB100KF1) (IWAS3010AZEB130KF1) (IWAS4832AEEB120KF1) (IWAS4532AGEB140KF1)

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