Traffline - App That Conquers City Traffic Problems Launches Features With a Humanitarian Twist

MUMBAI - Traffline is one of India's leading transportation apps; it allows commuters to track the city's traffic live right from their phones. Traffline was introduced about a year ago with features that helped track traffic jams, estimated travel time, alternate routes and speed prediction of traffic; thus becoming a breath of fresh air for commuters who wasted hours stuck in traffic. After a successful year in the market with high download numbers and great reviews, Traffline has taken its next natural step to further growth.

The new Traffline encompasses a slick user interface with easy-to-use controls and promises faster and smoother usability. But the highlight of the new version lies in the array of new features fitted to the issues surrounding travel today.

Blockage of roads and slow moving traffic due to lack of quick responses to accidents is an everyday occurrence in metropolitan cities. Traffline uses its platform to serve up a solution to commuters by allowing users who witness/are in the vicinity of an accident to immediately tag their location. This accident information is then validated by the Traffline team and forwarded to the concerned local Police Department as well as shared with fellow Traffline users who might be in the same route to avoid extra traffic troubles.

With the escalating danger around women's safety, Traffline now lets you send your location to your loved ones when you're in trouble. Traffline takes it one step forward and instantly gives the recipient an estimated travel time to the location including traffic delays. Further, it also provides the recipient with a choice of alternate routes and their estimated travel time to get to the location as quickly as possible.

Traffline's Founder, Brijraj Vaghani, says, "We have attempted to capture the pulse of current travel troubles and mould our new features around it. With the new features, we are giving our users an opportunity to contribute and help other commuters in the city too. Most of our new features have opened up a two way communication channel between our users and us. It will help us do more to resolve the predicament that commuters are stuck in every day."

Other interesting features include a special SMS/Email option that automatically sends subscribers live traffic updates everyday for a selected route. Co-founder Ravi Khemani says, "In India, people are still not habituated to looking at traffic conditions before leaving home. If commuters practiced this, the traffic situation would ease out. However, we've made it easier for users now by introducing an automated live traffic update system sent everyday at their choice of time for their scheduled route. We aim to make live traffic information as easily available in various formats to commuters to enable smoother travel experiences."

Traffline's new features contribute to making Traffline a more holistic transportation app that lets users do so much more, much faster.

To make Traffline accessible to everyone, it is available on multiple platforms. There is an Android and IOS App available on Google's 'Play Store' and Apple's 'App Store' making it handy on mobile phones, and tablets. Additionally, it can be used through and mobile website . Traffline is available in three cities - Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Traffline has garnered a total user base of more than 350,000, 100,000+ downloads and also has a rating of 4+.

Birds Eye Systems had received its first investment from CIIE, later from the IAN and recently bagged a Series A round of funding from the Matrix Partners India. They plan to roll out Traffline to 10 other cities by the next year with the aim of conquering the country's travel woes one traffic jam at a time.

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