Trace Systems Expands Role in the Wireless Sensor Network Market

MCLEAN, VA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Trace Systems, LLC, a provider of innovative wireless communications solutions and services for security, tracking, monitoring, geo-fencing, and mobile tactical communications, announced plans to deliver enhanced, integrated wireless sensor network (WSN) solutions and services to the federal government. Trace Systems' WSN solutions fulfill government requirements for end-to-end mobile, fixed, and tactical communications solutions by leveraging deep technical expertise to provide total visibility to the edge, connecting the remote physical world to the information enterprise. Trace Systems develops requirements-driven WSN solutions capable of operating in stand-alone and closed-loop environments or in the net-centric GIG SOA/web services environment.

"We've been tracking the wireless sensor networking space for a very long time. With the recent advances in sensor technologies, the convergence of sensors with technologies such as RFID and GPS, as well as the tools to manage and fuse data from these sources with geospatial information, we saw an opportunity to respond to the growing demand for comprehensive situational awareness solutions," said Otto Hoernig III, President and CEO of Trace Systems. "These solutions can be used to secure borders, airports, seaports, monuments, or other government facilities, as well as to protect our warfighters, identify and track assets or people, or use automatic identification technology and other programs to identify friendly forces and assets in transit, on the ground, at sea, in the air, or on the battlefield."

Hoernig continued, "Our team has a long history of working alongside our DoD, DHS, and Intelligence community clients to address their communications needs. We have operated side by side with our clients in places like Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. We have a deep understanding of government communications requirements. We know the wireless technologies well. We're vendor neutral, and we're stepping in to fill the significant need for qualified system integrators that can provide comprehensive full-lifecycle support with the design, deployment, and ongoing support of purpose-built wireless and sensor-based solutions. Our investment in developing capabilities and solutions that span the entire spectrum of the WSN arena demonstrates our long-term commitment to our clients."

Trace Systems partners with large-scale systems integrators and leading wireless, sensor, RFID, geospatial information, knowledge management, and communications vendors to design and deploy end-to-end solutions on a global scale for defense, intelligence, and homeland security customers. DHS' Secure Border Initiative (SBINet), Army's Future Combat System (FCS), and the anticipated Army RFID III and Movement Tracking System Support (MTS II) acquisitions are all representative of the types of programs that are dependent upon the successful integration of wireless and sensor technologies, data fusion, and knowledgeable WSN operations, technical support, and sustainment resources.

About Trace Systems Inc.
Based in McLean, VA, Trace Systems is a systems integrator and technical services firm that provides comprehensive wireless and sensor network solutions that meet the requirements of the U.S. defense, homeland security, and intelligence community. Led by an executive team with deep technological and government contracting expertise, Trace Systems is dedicated to helping its clients find innovative solutions to meet their communications requirements. For more information, please visit the company's Web site or contact Tonya Bacon at 301-408-4500 or [email protected].

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