TQ Systems Debuts RoboDrive Advanced Robotic Solutions

Chicago, IL - In its first public appearance in North America, TQ Systems will showcase its innovative RoboDrive technology at Automate 2017. RoboDrive motors were designed by researchers at the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) for the International Space Station. TQ RoboDrive is ideally suited for robotics because the motors are extremely compact, are half the weight and half the power losses at the same torque as other commercially available motors, and feature strong dynamics and precision.
RoboDrive technology provides the highest power density at maximum torque range and overload capability in a compact design. These exceptional performance characteristics make RoboDrive the ideal choice for medical, robotic and aerospace applications.

The variable concept offers solutions for a variety of demanding drive applications. Alternative voltage levels, increased speeds and customized torque adaptations are also available on special order. The optional hollow shaft motors allow designers to run fluids, cables or lasers through the center of the motor, providing maximum functionality with minimal footprint.

RoboDrives are available in sizes with different stator lengths, and outer diameters from 25mm to 115mm and a wide torque range from .024 to 11.2 Nm.

Concurrent with the show, and as an example of TQ’s motor development and production expertise, KUKA will feature multiple collaborative robots showing a range of applications that demonstrate how collaborative robots can be used in the Human Robot Collaborative applications industry. Driven by seven RoboDrive servo motors, the LBR iiwa, for example, is the first series-produced sensitive robot capable of human-robot collaboration. TQ assembles and tests the drive units for KUKA and delivers them for final assembly.

Customers can purchase RoboDrive motors as separate components such as rotors and stators, or complete turn-key solutions, including servo kits, sensors, inverters, safety brakes and customized drive solutions.

TQ systems is represented in North America by its partner, Convergence Promotions, and its sales and technical support network coast-to-coast.

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