Toyota And Luminar Getting Into The AV Act

The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) unleashed its latest autonomous test vehicle, Platform 2.1, which employs Luminar’s sensing technology. Since last April, Luminar has scaled up its partnerships with a select few companies with TRI being the first to deeply integrate its new sensing platform. According to TRI’s Chief Technology Officer James Kuffner, “We moved swiftly and early to adopt the Luminar platform into our fleet, and as a result we’re rapidly advancing our program. The level of data fidelity and range is unlike anything we’ve seen and is essential to be able to develop and deliver the most advanced automated driving systems.”


Luminar’s LiDAR delivers more than an order of magnitude greater resolution than currently available sensors and the ability to see dark objects, such as a tire – 10% reflectivity - at over 200 meters, compared to less than 40 meters. The sensor is also the first to allow resolution to be concentrated where it’s needed most, in real time, enabling the car to clearly see and recognize cars, people, and objects.


Reportedly, Luminar’s radical architecture requires only a single laser, single receiver, and ultra-fast scanner to collect millions of points of information in the environment from just a fraction of the components used in today’s LiDAR systems.


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