Touchscreen Controllers Offer Advanced Features for Smartphones

Touchscreen Controllers Offer Advanced Features for Smartphones
Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

The TrueTouch CYTT21X/31X capacitive touchscreen controller family enables smartphones, e-readers and low-cost tablets to offer multiple advanced features. The CYTT31X controller supports input from a passive stylus with a tip as fine as 2.5 mm. The CYTT21X controller supports a face detection feature that prevents unintended touches from accidentally hanging up a call. This feature eliminates the need for infrared proximity sensors by using the touchscreen sensor to detect a face 25 mm away, thus cutting bill-of-material (BOM) costs. Both controllers enable ultra-thin smartphone and tablet form factors by leveraging the company’s Single-Layer Independent Multi-touch (SLIM) sensor structures. Other features include up to 48 IOs with an I2C interface, and up to 44-IOs with I2C and SPI interfaces. The TrueTouch CYTT21X/31X controllers are currently sampling with production expected in the second quarter. They are available in 44-pin, 48-pin, and 56-pin QFN packages. For more details, visit  

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