Toshiba Launches Image Recognition Processor for Ultra-Small Camera Modules

SAN JOSE, CA -- Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) expands its series of image recognition processors with the launch of the TMPV7502XBG. Toshiba has designed the TMPV7502XBG for miniaturized camera modules – featuring a one-channel video input interface, its small (11mm x 11mm) package and low power consumption (Typ. 0.6W) design are ideal for use in today's small camera modules.

The new TMPV7502XBG is suited for use in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), which identify and recognize oncoming and surrounding vehicles and pedestrians from the in-vehicle cameras. Offering fast, accurate image detection, the TMPV7502XBG is capable of performing multiple detections simultaneously, such as a lane departure warning, collision warning, pedestrian detection and traffic sign recognition.

The TMPV7502XBG's small package size enables it to be integrated directly into the camera module, simplifying installation and reducing cost.

In response to the expanding market for image recognition equipment – which is expected to grow to $740 million to $985 million in 2015, Toshiba first commercialized an image recognition processor in 2004. Today, the company's TMPV750 series of image recognition processors includes a wide range of offerings, geared towards making drivers more aware of potential hazards.

TMPV7502XBG's fast and accurate image recognition is achieved through multi-core processor architecture and multiple video processing engines. Toshiba's 30-years of experience in advanced image processing technology, extensive processor expertise and mixed-signal semiconductor manufacturing know-how have combined to enable the integration of these advanced solutions into a single package.

"The popularity of advanced driver assistance systems is growing – they are a key selling point in today's car market," said Deepak Mithani, director mixed signal business unit, system LSI group for TAEC. "With the introduction of the TMPV7502XBG, we have drawn on our decades of experience and manufacturing advantages to integrate all of the technologies necessary for a successful ADAS system into one small package."

Pricing and Availability
Samples of the TMPV7502XBG are currently shipping, with mass production scheduled to commence in November 2014. Reference pricing begins at $35 (3,500 Yen).

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