Toshiba Introduces New Automotive N-ch Power MOSFET

IRVINE, CA -- Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. expands its lineup of automotive N-channel power MOSFETs with the addition of a new 100V, 160A device: the TK160F10N1L. Offering low on-resistance and a low voltage drive as well as a narrowed gate threshold voltage, the TK160F10N1L keeps current balances in parallel operation in large-current applications such as automotive equipment, motor drives, DC-DC converters and power supplies.

As the popularity of electric automotive power systems increases, so too does the need for better power efficiencies. In order to accommodate the increased power requirements that come along with systems such as those found in hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), electronic power steering systems (EPSs), electronic braking, 48V systems, integrated start/stop systems (ISS/ISGs), inverters and more, automotive suppliers are looking for low on-resistance, thermally efficient packaging and high overall switching performance from their power MOSFET suppliers. Toshiba's new TK160F10N1L meets all of these requirements.

The TK160F10N1L is fabricated using Toshiba's advanced U-MOS-VIII-H process node with a new package that incorporates copper connector technology. This technology improves current handling capabilities, enhances thermal properties and lowers package resistance, while also eliminating bond wires for increased reliability. This results in a TO-220SM(W) package device with a maximum on-resistance (RDS(ON)) of 2.4mΩ (@ VGS=10V), a low voltage drive (VGS=6V) and a narrowed gate threshold voltage of 2.5 to 3.5V.

Highly efficient, low heat generating operation makes the TK160F10N1L suitable for automotive designs. The TK160F10N1L's U-MOSVIII-H structure provides further design benefits by handling spike noise or oscillation during switching operation.

Key Features
•Low on-resistance: RDS(ON)=2.0mΩ (typ.) (VGS=10V)
•Small gate threshold voltage: Vth=2.5 to 3.5V (narrow: 1V range)
•Low channel-to-case thermal resistance: Rth(ch-c)=0.4°C/W (max)
•High channel temperature rating: Tch=175°C
•Low switching noise
•AEC-Q101 qualified

Pricing and Availability

The TK160F10N1L is available now.

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