Toshiba Extends Potential Applications For Wireless Power Charging With 15W Transmitter IC

SAN JOSE, CA -- Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. launches a compact and efficient wireless power transmitter IC with a power transmission capability of 15 watts (W). Combined with a host microcontroller, the TC7718FTG realizes a wireless power transmission system compliant with Qi™ v1.2, the wireless charging standard. A 15W wireless transmitter system based on the new IC will allow quick recharging of devices – at a rate comparable to that of wired chargers.

Built on Toshiba's proprietary, cutting-edge CD-0.13 semiconductor process[1], the TC7718FTG combines a compact package with high efficiency. This simplifies system integration and enables creation of charging systems with small footprints that are well suited for smartphone and tablet charging applications. In addition, the 15W rating of the device extends the possibility of wireless charging to industrial products and other higher power applications that may require more energy or shorter charging times than consumer devices.

Wireless transmitters that use the TC7718FTG will allow designers to create Qi v1.2 compatible charging stations capable of operating with powers up to 15W. This includes systems based on Toshiba's recently announced TC7766WBG 15W receiver IC, which will be in mass production this spring, as well as the company's TC7765WBG 10W receiver IC and TC7764WBG[2] 5W receiver IC, both of which are already in mass production.

Toshiba's new electromagnetic induction transmitter IC integrates a full-bridge gate driver, a low-dropout (LDO) regulator with a 3.3V output and a low-pass filter for recovery of an amplitude shift keyed (ASK) signal[3]. The TC7718FTG is housed in a compact P-VQFN36 package and can handle input voltages from 4.5V to 25V. Operating frequency ranges from 110kHz to 205kHz.


Sample shipments of the TC7718FTG wireless power transmitter IC are available now. Mass production is scheduled for spring 2016.
1.Based on 0.13-micron CMOS/DMOS semiconductor technology
2.Compliant with Qi v1.1.2
3.Qi-compliant wireless devices use ASK modulation to communicate between power receiver and power transmitter

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