Toshiba Expands Lineup of Small Load Switch ICs for Mobile Devices

IRVINE, CA -- Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. announces the expansion of its lineup of small load switch ICs for mobile devices. The addition of 17 new parts in two different product families enables design flexibility in mobile applications including smart phones, tablets, laptops, wearables, and more. The first product family (TCK22946G, TCK22951G, TCK2065G, TCK1024G, TCK22891G, TCK22892G, TCK22893G, and TCK22894G) addresses the need for built-in protection functions, while the second set of new offerings (TCK22921G, TCK22922G, TCK22923G, TCK22925G, TCK22971G, TCK22972G, TCK22973G, TCK22974G, andTCK22975G) offers a wide range of rise times.

Built-in Protection Functions Prevent Damage

The structure of power supply systems for mobile devices requires low power consumption combined with multiple safety features. For example, in mobile applications with exposed terminals – such as switches for USB ports or SD cards – loads can short circuit, and failsafe functions are required. To address these needs, Toshiba's TCK22946G, TCK22951G, TCK2065G, TCK1024G, TCK22891G, TCK22892G, TCK22893G, and TCK22894G include various built-in protection functions. The new parts from Toshiba feature over current limit protection (400mA to 1540mA), thermal shutdown and inrush current reduction functions, with low on-resistance in a small package. In addition, products with a built-in true reverse current blocking function and a built-in under voltage lockout function have been included in Toshiba's expanded product lineup to support load short circuits and various failsafe functions.

Wide-Ranging Slew Rates Offer Precise Control

Additionally, Toshiba has introduced a new product family consisting of nine devices with multiple slew rates. ASIC or DSP-based systems use multiple power supplies, and sequence control plays an important role in their operation. Timing requirements differ among applications, and a shorter rise time can reduce the delay time until starting. However, controlling the rise time factoring in the effect of the inrush current is also critical, adding a degree of difficulty to the already complicated task of designing power supplies. To address this, Toshiba has introduced a series of load switch ICs with different rise times. Designers can now implement the exact sequence control needed by selecting the appropriate Toshiba part, which can help prevent behavior exceeding ratings, damage to the boards, and blown fuses that inrush currents can cause.

Each device in Toshiba's new TCK229xxG series (TCK22921G, TCK22922G, TCK22923G, TCK22925G, TCK22971G, TCK22972G, TCK22973G, TCK22974G and TCK22975G) features a different rise time due to a built-in slew rate control circuit. Additionally, the devices in this series are housed in small packages and have low on-resistance, comparable to conventional products. This enables designers to not only select the devices most suitable for sequence control and inrush current suppression, but to create systems that are smaller and consume less power.

Key Features of the TCK229xxG Series:
•Low on-resistance
•Low quiescent current
•Rise time: tr=4.5/666/1364/3380 μs (typ.)
•Maximum output current rating: IOUT=2.0A
•Small WCSP6E package (0.8×1.2mm, t:0.55mm)

Toshiba's new load switch ICs are available now. For more info, visit:


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