Toshiba Debuts New 2-in-1 MOSFETs for Load Switching in Mobile Devices

IRVINE, CA -- Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. announces the introduction of new 2-in-1 MOSFETs: the SSM6L61NU and SSM6N61NU. The new MOSFETs are housed in the small SOT-1118 (UDFN6) package and feature excellent heat dissipation and low drain-source on-resistance, making them suitable for use as power management switches and DC-DC converters in a variety of mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets. They can also be used in battery management applications and for load switching in applications with USB Type-C interfaces.

The SSM6L61NU is a complementary device and the SSM6N61NU is a dual N-ch device. Toshiba has achieved industry-leading1 N-ch on-resistance of 25 mΩ in the new MOSFETs, contributing to reduced power loss in power supplies and extending the operation time of battery-driven devices. Additionally, a small package size improves the power dissipation rating and reduces the footprint by 50 percent when compared with MOSFETs housed in a PS-8 package – enabling smaller sets.

When used in applications with USB Type-C interfaces, the SSM6L61NU and SSM6N61NU can be placed between the Vout (output voltage) from the PMIC and SoC – or other part of the circuitry.

Key Features:
•Industry leading low on-resistance: RDS(ON)=25 mΩ (typ.) @N-ch, VGS=4.5 V
•Small size SOT-1118 package and highly allowable power dissipation rating (UDFN6, 2.0×2.0 mm, PD=1 W)

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