Toshiba Debuts Compact Package MOSFETs for Controlling Power Sources And Data Signals

IRVINE, CA -- Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. launches two new compact MOSFETs - the SSM3K35CTC and SSM3J35CTC. Housed in a newly developed compact package (CST3C) the SSM3K35CTC and SSM3J35CTC are suitable for controlling power sources or data signals in mobile devices such as smart phones and wearables.

When it comes to the overall footprint, Toshiba's CST3C package exceeds industry standards. In fact, the CST3C package is just one-third the size of the industry standard SOT-723 package. This makes Toshiba's new MOSFETs suitable for high density mounting, and gives them the ability to achieve lower on-resistance when compared with products with a standard SOT-723 package.

Features of the SSM3K35CTC and SSM3J35CTC include:
•New compact package CST3C (0.8×0.6 mm)
•Controllable with a gate voltage of 1.2 V
•Low drain-source on-resistance:
SSM3K35CTC: RDS(ON)=2.4 Ω (typ.) @VGS=1.2 V
SSM3J35CTC: RDS(ON)=3.2 Ω (typ.) @VGS= -1.2 V

Pricing and Availability

Toshiba's new compact MOSFETs are available now. For more info, go to


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