Torso-Shaped Ironing Board Shaves 80% Off Ironing Time


Before going further, this is not a sensor or even an electronic product in itself. However, it’s a great idea that’s catching on and could actually be groundbreaking. Most people are too busy to do their own ironing and leave it to professional cleaners.

Some people who do their own pressing are very good at it, while other, no matter how much professional wrestling they watch, just cannot properly gaff a garment to their ironing boards. To address this problem, which has plagued the style conscious since the ironing board’s invention sometime in the 19nth century, Sharkk Labs offers Flippr, its torso-shaped, 360° rotating ironing board.

A New Kind Of Ironing Board

Flippr is promoted as a “totally new way to iron into every home, making the mundane task of ironing not only easier, but faster, and more enjoyable as well.” I’ll laud the faster/easier claims, but, as one who does his own ironing, there is really nothing that would make the task even remotely enjoyable for me.

Briefly described, the product’s 360° rotating board allows users to iron an entire shirt without shifting, cutting ironing time significantly. Two sets of pant clips keep pants locked down tight, freeing a hand for swift ironing. A detachable detail board ensures no wrinkles exist after ironing.

The unit employs a firm, no-wobble frame in an ergonomic wide torso shape that accommodates items large and small clothing sizes. Additionally, Flippr features eight levels of height adjustment.

Summary of features:

  • 360-degree Rotation: Iron an entire shirt with just a flip of a board
  • Ergonomic & Wide: Torso-shaped board is great for larger items
  • Stable: Solid aluminum frame is built strong to last a lifetime
  • Adjustable Height: 8 levels of height adjustment make the Flippr ideal for sitting or standing
  • Accessories: In & out detachable iron pocket, two sets of pant clips and detachable detail board
  • Easy to Clean: Removable cotton cover makes cleaning a breeze
  • Easy Carry & Storage: Built-in wheels and simple stand-up storage

It’s Available

The Flippr 360° ironing board is backing now on Kickstarter for early birds for $89.99, with an MSRP of $149.99. To help give back this holiday season, for every backer received, Sharkk will deliver a pair of holiday smiley socks to a children’s hospital. For more information, visit the Flippr on Kickstarter.

Close To A Cigar

Flippr really is a new way to iron, and it appears that it will save a lot of time. Stated earlier, it’s not an electronic or a sensor-based product. Okay, throw in the iron, it’s electronic, but not included.

What would really make the ironing board a groundbreaker for this frustrated presser is if the heating and moisture elements were integrated into the unit. Slip a shirt or pair of slacks on the board, hit a button, and voila, pressed and ready to hang and wear. Then again, next year there will probably be a robot that will do all the ironing. We shall see, perhaps? ~MD

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