Torque Transducer Ensures Precise Results Over Entire Range

Torque Transducer Ensures Precise Results Over Entire Range
HBM Inc.

HBM’s T12HP digital torque transducer supports dynamic measurements in the test stand and provides what its maker calls unprecedented precision, particularly in terms of temperature stability. Temperature influences have virtually no impact on the measurement result, due to a TC0 value of 0.005%/10K. In addition, the FlexRange function allows users to take a closer look at any partial range of the full nominal (rated) measurement range. Other features include ease of integration with a variety of test stand concepts such as CAN, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT, and PROFINET interfaces, and the transducer is available with different nominal (rated) torques, ranging from 100 Nm to 10 kNm. For more data, go to

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