Torque Flange from HBM

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The Type T10FH from HBM Inc., Marlboro, MA, is a torque transducer integrated between drive and machine, directly in the drive train, and comes standard with nominal torques of up to 300 kNm. A special version is available with ATEX approval II 2G EEx d e q IIC T4 for nominal measuring ranges up to 150 kNm. Data transmission between rotor and stator is digital so that secure, error-free measured value acquisition and transmission is possible even in the presence of EMI or fluctuating temperatures. A typical application is controlling gas engines for gas compressor systems. (800-578-4260, fax 508-485-7480, [email protected],

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Company: HBM
Country: International
Phone number: 800-578-4260
Fax: 217-328-6576

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