Torque-Control ICs Take Up Little Space

Designed specifically for three-phase brushless dc (BLDC) and dc rush motors, Performance Motion Devices’ Juno torque-control ICs come in an ultra-small 56-pin or small 64-pin package. Juno ICs target designs with limited space that need to control noise, vibration and power consumption. They are said to be easy to deploy with embedded motion commands and on-board intelligence.


The devices offer PWM frequencies up to 120 kHz and include a combination of four quadrant motion control, direct quadrature encoder input, multi-phase waveform generation, and advanced current control. In addition, Juno Torque ICs provide safety features including over- and under-voltage sense, over-current detection, over-temperature, and i2 t current foldback. They also employ non-volatile RAM to hold motor parameters and motion trace information that can be used to track and optimize system performance.

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For greater knowledge control, peruse the Juno IC datasheet.

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