TopEyeView and Vidiation Announce Strategic Partnership

NORCROSS, GA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- TopEyeView, a leading provider of a highly efficient real-time video image from a bird's-eye-view, and Vidiation LLC, a company pioneering next-generation homeland security radiation-detection solutions, have entered in to a strategic partnership agreement. The relationship enables Vidiation to market TopEyeView's service to existing Vidiation customers and TopEyeView to offer Vidiation's radiation-detection software, Vidiation—Radiation Analytics Detection System (V-RADS), as an option to TopEyeView customers. Both firms are working on additional joint applications of their technologies to advance homeland security and emergency preparedness within the U.S. and internationally.

V-RADS, recently launched at ASIS International in Las Vegas this September, uses information generated when high-energy gamma rays and particles interact with the image sensors of video surveillance cameras. "The establishment of a pervasive grid—layering V-RADS across the vast number of existing surveillance networks, from Main Street to Wall Street, is a major element of both Vidiation's mission and marketing strategy, said Frank O'Connor, Vidiation's President and CEO. "This partnership expands the reach of V-RADS by adding the dimension of mobility through flight. We're also very excited to be working with TopEyeView from an R&D perspective, which propels both companies to greater innovation."

"Our partnership strengthens a shared strategy to improve efficiencies and response time relating to information collection and interpretation," said Tamir Z. Sagie, founder and CEO, TopEyeView Inc. "The sheer volume of events, such as people and materials in motion through our ports, infrastructure, railroads, highways, and cities offers a significant challenge to control and monitor. TopEyeView's ability to assess and observe an event with effective, real-time visual input is significantly improved with the addition of V-RADS to our offering."

About Vidiation
Illinois-based Vidiation LLC was formed in 2006 and, under an agreement with Advanced Fuel Research Inc., East Hartford, CT, developed Vidiation—Radiation Analytics Detection System (V-RADS). V-RADS is a revolutionary, proven gamma-radiation detection technology that identifies radioactive materials by analyzing streams of surveillance video and is an important new line of defense against the unlawful possession or transport of source materials and, ultimately dirty bomb attacks. V-RADS uses information generated when high-energy gamma rays and particles interact with the image sensors of video cameras; its proprietary algorithms and expert system analyze data and identify radiation that may pose a security threat. V-RADS combines passive surveillance and active alerts in its subscription-based software, and is built to avoid the common pitfalls of false positive alerts. V-RADS is easily integrated with the full complement of video surveillance systems, from stand-alone to enterprise-level solutions, and is designed to layer into these existing CCTV systems with no modifications to customer's video cameras—an install base of some 26 million in the U.S. alone. The more pervasive the deployment of V-RADS across the vast number of existing video surveillance networks, the higher the degree of security society achieves against the dirty bomb threat.

Vidiation has identified the three key purposes for V-RADS as: Deter—Utilizing V-RADS in places that store or house radiological materials for medical or industrial purposes allows for continuous monitoring and notification of authorities in the event of illicit removal, and serves as a deterrent; Detect—Use of V-RADS at transit choke-points allows for detection in the event illicit radiological materials or weapons are being moved; and Defend—Deploying V-RADS at dirty bomb targets creates a much-needed layer of 24/7 public protection against this terrorist threat. The company has patents pending in the U.S., European Union nations and candidate nations, Australia, Mexico, Canada, India, South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, and Israel and throughout greater Eurasia, including Russia.

About TopEyeView
TopEyeView is a leading provider of a highly efficient real-time video image from a bird's-eye-view. The company's services are based on patented and operationally proven 30-foot long tethered low-pressure helium blimps, enabling clients with the most affordable aerial video image gathering solution. By using TopEyeView, clients are able to improve efficiency and response time in the areas of information collection, interpretation, and communication. TopEyeView's solution is an ideal tool for security and civilian organizations (law-enforcement/security, broadcasting, entertainment, disaster recovery, monitoring) with bird's-eye needs in most outdoor scenarios. TopEyeView's aerial system is the most cost-effective answer to the existing gap in the market's ability to cover geographical cells, improve day/night vision, and to see long distance from any one location.

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