The Top 50 Emerging Technologies Driving Business Growth Opportunities Globally

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- Disruption is a frightening prospect for most companies unaware of new technologies that will soon arrive to threaten their market position and send their strategy, R&D, and product development teams into tailspins. Join Frost & Sullivan's briefing to hear a powerful message about what you should do to get ahead of the threat.

Attend this webinar to:
•Identify emerging technologies that pack maximum potential to fuel global innovation, create novel products, and drive commercial growth
•Build a plan to track technologies impacting your business in a fast converging world
•Expose your mind to multi-billion dollar opportunities arising out of serendipitous technology convergence

WHEN: Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 10:00 AM CST
LOCATION: Online, registration available at:
SPEAKERS: Frost & Sullivan Senior Partner Rajiv Kumar

The list of emerging technologies across industries is increasing at an exponential rate; however, not every technology is going to disrupt existing business landscapes or transform industries. The challenge is to cut through the 'hype' and identify the truly disruptive technologies from the mere incremental ones. This briefing will showcase the top 50 most promising technologies that will transform businesses, economic and social landscapes, as well as spawn new revenue models, products, and services in the near future.

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"Innovation is a critical strategic imperative of most organizations," states Frost & Sullivan Senior Partner Rajiv Kumar. "The key to innovation is in knowing what your customers will need in the future. These 50 technologies are like beacons, which will guide the next strategic movies of innovation executives and R&D professionals."

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