Wireless Moisture Monitor

GE Sensing, Billerica, MA, offers the HygroTrac wireless system for monitoring environmental conditions remotely in buildings, to check for moisture-related problems. Small HygroTrac wireless sensors are installed throughout a building to monitor RH, temperature, and moisture content. Readings are transmitted to the DA gateway connected to a dedicated secure Web server via Ethernet or phone line. A single gateway can receive data from up to 600 sensors that can be installed in a 150–250 ft. area. (800-833-9438, [email protected],

Magnetic Linear Encoders

E Series magnetic linear encoders from Admotec Inc., Lebanon, NH, combine a magnetoresistive sensor and self-adhesive SS-backed magnetic tape. The sensor's built-in resolution-enhancing interpolator lets you choose resolutions from 0.5–200 μm/edge. Sensors are supplied in a CE-approved IP67-rated aluminum housing with a SS bottom; 2 adjustable wipers at each end of the sensor provide light cleaning as the sensor moves. Applications include textile, woodworking, packaging, machine tools, marking, paper, and industrial automation measurement and feedback. (603-448-7000, [email protected],

Precision Temperature Sensors

TSic sensor ICs from Innovative Sensor Technology (IST) AG, Wattwil, Switzerland, are available in 3-pin, SOIC-8, and COF (chip on flex) cases and measure temperature from –50°C to 150°C. Temperature is available as a linear analog or digital signal. Response time is every 0.1 s; accuracy is from ±0.5°C to < ±0.1°C, depending on type; and power consumption is low.

The TSic LABkit is a plug-and-play tool for evaluating sensor devices, including TSic sensor ICs. (+41 71-987-73-73, [email protected],

PXI Express DA Modules

National Instruments, Austin, TX, offers the PXIe-6259 and PXIe-6251 M Series DA modules, which provide analog and digital I/O with up to 250 MBps dedicated per-slot bandwidth. M Series DA modules feature up to 32 analog channels with 16-bit, 1.25 Msps sampling speed; up to 4 analog outputs with 16-bit, 2.8 Msps update rates; and 10 MHz digital I/O on up to 32 lines. Four remote, embedded, and rack-mounted PXI Express controllers offer up to 1 GBps system and slot bandwidth. (800-258-7022, [email protected],

Instrumentation Amplifiers

AD8250 and AD8251 digitally programmable instrumentation amplifiers from Analog Devices Inc., Norwood, MA, offer bandwidth of up to 12 MHz and draw 3.5 mA. Available in 10-lead MSOP packages, the amplifiers operate with ±5 V to ±12 V power supplies and feature 1 μV/°C offset drift, 10 ppm/°C gain drift, and 0.5 μs settling time to 0.01%. You can adjust gain after the devices are designed into the system. Gain settings are 1, 2, 5, and 10 (AD8250) or 1, 2, 4, and 8 (AD8251). (800-262-5643,

DA Software Application

Data Translation Inc., Marlboro, MA, offers quickDAQ real-time data collection and analysis software. The software acquires high-speed analog signals simultaneously and directly to disk at up to 2.0 MHz/channel; measures out of the box with any DT-Open Layers for .NET-compatible USB or PCI devices; displays live signals; and offers a high-speed data file format for large data files collected at full speed. You can import data into other applications, such as DT Measure Foundry, Excel, and MATLAB. (508-481-3700,

Subminiature Accelerometers

Model 71 Series subminiature SMT piezoresistive accelerometers from Endevco Corp., San Juan Capistrano, CA, are rugged, undamped, and offer sensitivities from 3–30 μV/g for shock measurements from 6000–60,000 g. The internal sensing system is micromachined from a single piece of silicon and includes the inertial mass and strain gauges arranged in an active 4-arm Wheatstone bridge circuit complete with an onchip zero balance network. (800-982-6732, [email protected],

Portable Weather Station

The TACMET II weather station from Climatronics Corp., Bohemia, NY, is a rapidly deployable, compact, self-contained weather station system that consumes little power and can operate from a variety of AC or DC power sources. An internal flux-gate compass automatically orients the wind direction to North; data are transmitted via wire or internal spread spectrum radio. WeatherView and AWeather software packages provide real-time data display and analysis on a laptop or PDA. (631-567-7300,

Laser Distance Sensor

The DLS-B from Dimetix AG, Herisau, Switzerland, measures absolute distances up to 500 m with 1.5 mm precision. The optical device lets you measure distances on natural and reflective surfaces, allowing you to determine position on objects that are difficult to access or have very high surface temperatures. Features include serial, analog, and digital interfaces; operation in stand-alone mode, where it independently executes all programmed functions; and configuration software. (+41 71-383-2010, [email protected],

Remote I/O

G3 Technologies Inc., Louisburg, KS, offers the G303 RIO remote I/O device that has analog, digital, totalizer inputs, and relay outputs and communicates either through its RS-485 port or via its integrated spread spectrum radio. Features include Modbus Slave RTU communication protocol; 4 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs, 1 totalizer/rate input, and 4 relay contact (10 A) outputs; DIP switch setup; and optional RS-232 or FSK modem support. (913-947-7205, [email protected],

Proximity Measuring System

The KD-2446 from Kaman Aerospace Corp., Measuring Systems Group, Middletown, CT, is a high-precision inductive, eddy-current proximity measurement system that is RoHS- and CE-compliant. The system combines a sensor with integral cable and a compact, DIN rail mount signal conditioning and electronics module. Features include 0.008% F.S. resolution, 0.56% F.S. switch-point hysteresis, performance with ferrous and nonferrous targets, input voltage from 12–24 VDC, and gain adjustable for up to 22 V output. (800-552-6267, [email protected],

Network SoC

Hilscher North America Inc., Lisle, IL, offers netX SoCs for industrial control products that require built-in network connectivity. Used with the available network stacks, netX can be a Master or Slave for industrial Ethernet and fieldbus technologies, including Ethernet/IP, Profinet, EtherCAT, Ethernet Powerlink, Sercos III, Profibus, InterBus, DeviceNet, AS-I, CAN, and serial. Built-in peripherals include 3 UARTs, I/O, a USB port, color LCD controller, real-time clock, PWM inverter, encoder input, ADC, I2C interface, SPI, and status LEDs. (630-505-5301, [email protected],

Thin Accelerometer

Kionix Inc., Ithaca, NY, offers its ultra thin KXPS5 triaxial accelerometer in a 3 × 5 × 0.9 mm LGA plastic package. The RoHS-compliant sensor features free-fall and high-g motion interrupts, a ±1.5 g to ±6 g factory programmable range, user-definable bandwidth, low power consumption, and low-noise performance. It operates from a 1.8–5.25 VDC supply and communicates with both I2C and SPI serial interface buses. (607-257-1080,

Sensor Interface IC

The MSCPSI smart programmable sensor interface from Mixed Signal Integration, San Jose, CA, takes small analog voltage signals from a sensor or MEMS device; anti-aliases, filters, and amplifies them; and then converts them into a digital signal output. Functions are controlled through an internal PICmicro through the chip's serial interface. Other features include a digital serial input port, 12-bit ADC, temperature sensor, DC offset adjustment circuit, 4-input multiplexer for the ADC, and anti-aliasing. (408-434-6305, [email protected],

Tilt Sensor and Switch

The TMD-200 from Semaj Design LLC, Stoneham, MA, is a customer-configurable tilt angle sensor and switch that is suitable for use as a safety tilt switch for all types of man lifts. Configurable as either a dual- or single-axis device, each axis has an independently settable trip angle. The device generates an alarm signal that can drive a relay when a user-defined threshold angle is exceeded. (781-572-1078,

6-Channel Encoder Modules

Avago Technologies, San Jose, CA, offers its RoHS-compliant AEDB-9340 Series small, 6-channel, optical, incremental, C-shaped encoder modules for brushless DC motors used in industrial automation. The modules are designed to fit easily into round encoder housings. Features include 2-channel quadrature rotary output with ungated index pulse, 3-channel integrated commutation output to emulate Hall sensor feedback, speeds up to 2500 cpr, frequency response up to 150 kHz, and TTL-compatible output. (877-673-9442,

Vision Software

In-Sight Explorer v3.3 software from Cognex Corp., Natick, MA, is for use with its In-Sight vision sensors and includes new calibration, communication, and other tools to minimize integration time when deploying vision sensors for robotic guidance and inspection applications. Nonlinear calibration improves repeatability by correcting for lens and perspective distortion. Robot drivers and sample code facilitate integration. PatMax allows you to accurately and reliably locate unfixtured parts. (877-264-6391,

Air Quality Monitor

The ProAir 2200 from ENMET Corp., Ann Arbor, MI, is a microprocessor-based air-line monitor for industrial, aerospace, and pharmaceutical applications. The modular plant process air-line monitoring system can be custom configured to detect any of the following: VOCs, dew point, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and harmful gases. A user-friendly interface lets you operate the system and perform maintenance. (734-761-1270, [email protected],