Humidity Sensor

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG, Wattwil, Switzerland, offers the FemtoCap 2 × 4 mm, SMT-compatible humidity sensor. The capacitive humidity sensor has a linear transfer function, a base capacitance of 180 pF, and a basic slope of 0.3 pF/%RH. Targeted to markets such as automotive and white goods, the sensor may also be useful for low-cost humidifiers, dishwashers, clothes dryers, home weather displays, and toys. (+41 71-987-73-73, [email protected],

Fingertip Pressure Sensors

Fierce AI Week

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Pressure Profile Systems (PPS) Inc., Los Angeles, CA, offers FingerTPS tactile pressure sensors that are designed to be worn on your fingertips and palm to measure the pressures exerted while you use a tool or perform some action. The capacitive sensors can measure pressures up to 10 lb. in 0.1 lb. increments and are <2 mm thick. FingerTPS systems are currently available as a research and development kit, with up to 4 finger and palm sensors for each hand. (310-641-8100, [email protected],

Ultrasonic Sensor

The Schneider Electric Sensor Competency Center, Dayton, OH, offers the Hyde Park Virtu 30 ultrasonic sensor in a 30 mm barrel-style body. Sensors have a 1 m sensing distance, protection ratings of NEMA 4X and IP67, and are available with the option of being NO, NC, or having a teachable output, using an external removable pushbutton. Applications include conveyor systems, food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals, and automotive. (800-435-2121, [email protected],

Triaxial Accelerometers

SCA3000 Series 3-axis accelerometers from VTI Technologies Oy, Vantaa, Finland, are designed for OEMs. Sensing range is ±2 g or ±3 g, depending on model. The SCA3000-D01 and D02 devices have been developed for high-performance rechargeable battery-operated equipment. The SCA3000-E01 and E02 consume 120 µA or 200 µA, respectively, and are intended for handheld and wrist-held battery-operated devices. Features include equal performance on all axes, 2.35–3.6 V supply voltage, and selectable frequency response. (+358 9-879-181, [email protected],

8-bit Microcontrollers with Ethernet

Microchip Technology Inc., Chandler, AZ, offers the PIC18F97J60 family of 8-bit microcontrollers with an integrated IEEE 802.3-compliant Ethernet communications peripheral. Designed for embedded applications, the microcontrollers integrate a 10Base-T Ethernet controller (MAC and PHY) onto a 10 MIPS PIC18 microcontroller with up to 128 KB of Flash program memory. A dedicated 8 KB Ethernet buffer enables efficient packet storage, retrieval, and modification. The company also offers a free TCP/IP software stack. (888-628-6247,

Magnetic Measurement System

ASM Sensors Inc., Elmhurst, IL, offers its POSIMAG Model PMIS4 position sensor and corresponding Model PMIR4 magnetic wheel as an alternative to optical encoders for rotating applications. The combination is a contact-free measuring system that serves as a reliable incremental position system that resists dust, shavings, and many liquids commonly found in industrial environments. The magnetic wheel's plastic-bound magnetic material is magnetized in defined distances. (630-832-3202, [email protected],

One-Chip Hall IC

The BU52000 Series from ROHM Electronics, San Diego, CA, are tiny Hall ICs that integrate magnetic detection and connection circuits onto a single chip. Monopole detection ICs (BU52002GUL and BU52003GUL) offer 1 output pin and S- or N-pole detection, respectively. Dipole detection ICs (BU52001GUL and BU52004GUL) offer 1 or 2 output pins, respectively. The BU52004GUL offers S-pole detection on 1 output and N-pole detection on the other. (858-625-3600,

Mini Presence/Absence Sensors

MINI-EYE miniature waterproof photoelectric sensors from Tri-Tronics Co. Inc., Tampa, FL, are available in throughbeam, retroreflective, and proximity models. Enclosed in high-impact plastic housings for use in hostile environments, the sensors are offered with either IR or red LED light sources and NPN or PNP output transistors. They are immune to indirect ambient light and strobes and perform object detection such as web break detection, counting, inspection, and orientation. (800-237-0946, [email protected],

Data Loggers

Computer Aided Solutions LLC, Chesterland, OH, is now distributing FrontDAQ portable data logger/DA systems from NIMTECH Intl. SAS, Vert Le Petit, France. FrontDAQ loggers provide 20 input channels with a 24-bit ADC/channel, sampling speeds up to 7.7 kHz, an internal Web server, the ability to configure each channel independently, signal conditioning for many common sensors/signals, and data storage in internal SRAM. The logger features USB, Ethernet, and RS-232 communications. (440-729-2570, [email protected],

Inclinometers with Readout

The DIS-7001 and DIS-7012 inclinometer systems from Columbia Research Labs Inc., Woodlyn, PA, combine a temperature-compensated force balance inclinometer with a power module and digital display. The readout module supplies linearization, eliminating the need to convert from the inclinometer sine output to degrees. Available ranges are ±5°, ±10°, ±15°, ±30°, and ±45°. The DIS-7001 operates from 115 VAC power while the DSI-7012 operates from 10–28 VDC. (800-813-8471, [email protected],

Steel Mill Pressure Sensor

American Sensor Technologies Inc., Mount Olive, NJ, offers the AST47SM Series of MEMS-based pressure sensors designed to perform in the rugged environments of the steel and aluminum industry. The sensors are available in pressure ranges up to 10,000 psi and offer outputs of 10 mV/V (50 mV), 0–5 V (3- or 4-wire), 0–10 V (3- or 4-wire), 1–5 V, 1–6 V, 1–10 V, or 4–20 mA (loop). (973-448-1901, [email protected],

Metrology-Grade Angle Encoder

The Series 9480H from Gurley Precision Instruments, Troy, NY, is a robust, metrology-grade optical encoder with SS construction and multiple read heads. The encoder is designed for precise positioning of rotary tables on machine tools, coordinate measuring machines, dividing apparatus, antennas, and test equipment. It generates up to 7,200,000 counts/rev. (after your 4× quadrature decode), for a resolution of 0.00005° or 0.18 arc-seconds. Accuracy is ±2.5 arc-seconds. (800-759-1844,

Trace Chemical Agent Detector

The SAW MiniCAD mk II detector from MSA, Pittsburgh, PA, is a personal, lightweight, solid-state chemical warfare agent detector for simultaneous detection of trace levels of nerve (G) and blister (H) agents. The device uses two SAW sensors and features LED and audible alarms. Alarm types are GA, GB, GD, GF, and HD; alarm thresholds are 0.2 mg/m3 (GA), 0.5 mg/m3 (GB), 0.1 mg/m3 (GD), and 1.0 mg/m3 (HD). (800-672-2222,

High Resonance Frequency Accelerometer

The 7264D from Endevco Corp., San Juan Capistrano, CA, is a crash accelerometer that provides an extended flat frequency range and resonant frequency of >40,000 Hz. The accelerometer's wide frequency range produces a true picture of the input signal without inducing signal phase shifts. Its undamped design avoids data analysis complications caused when using sensors with different damping coefficients. It is J211-compliant and features true ratiometric operation over a range of excitation voltages. (800-982-6732, [email protected],

Optical Inspection Software

The Value Engineering Alliance, Cambridge, MA, offers the HueView inspection technology that delivers comprehensive color analysis of multicolored, patterned, and textured items. The Win-Tel-compatible software supports image acquisition using FireWire cameras and TWAIN and analog camera/frame grabber combinations, and is used to measure color and texture, monitor product appearance, classify/grade goods, facilitate sorting, assess visual similarity, and detect defects by comparing images or scenes of interest to stored reference images. (617-492-1252, [email protected],

Displacement Sensor

The Temposonics D Series sensor from MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Div., Cary, NC, is a low-cost magnetostrictive displacement sensor with a measuring range of 50–1500 mm and a direct 0–10 V output. The sensors offer linearity of better than 0.01%, repeatability of 0.005%, and position update rate of 1.5 kHz. Each sensor is equipped with a waveguide sensing element, conditioning electronics, and an IP67-rated housing that accommodates the electronic interface and signal conditioning. (919-677-2314, [email protected],


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