RF Test Instruments

Keithley Instruments Inc., Cleveland, OH, offers the Model 2910 RF vector signal generator for RF design, development, and manufacturing. The device uses software to adapt as test requirements change and features a software-defined radio architecture, power leveling techniques, and patent-pending synthesizer technology. It can also generate an RF signal with up to a 200 MHz bandwidth from user-supplied analog baseband in-phase and quadrature signals. (800-688-9951, [email protected],

Wireless Mesh Module

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RF Monolithics Inc., Dallas, TX, offers its DM1800 embedded wireless mesh networking module that is now FCC and ETSI certified. The DM1800 is based on the company's ASH radio and a PIC microcontroller and is suited for applications that require long-life operation on batteries. The single fixed-channel RF transceiver operates at either 433.92 or 916.5 MHz and has a 4.8 Kbps channel data rate. (972-789-3823,

Level Measurement

Monitor Technologies LLC, Elburn, IL, offers the Flexar guided-wave radar level measurement system that uses time domain reflectometry to measure level of powders, granules, and other bulk solids as well as various liquids. Measuring range is up to 100 ft. in solids and 200 ft. in liquids. Flexar is available with a choice of either a standard "smart" interface for use with SiloTrack inventory management software or an analog output. (800-766-6486, [email protected],

Single-Gas Detector

The ALTAIR single-gas detector from MSA Instrument Div., Pittsburgh, PA, features three sensor options: carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen. Versions with carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulfide sensors can operate for >2 yr. Sensor ranges are 0–25% by volume (oxygen), 0–500 ppm (carbon monoxide), and 0–100 ppm (hydrogen sulfide). The detectors offer high resistance to RFI; audible, visual, and vibrating alarms; and automatic recording of the last 25 alarm events. (800-672-2222,

Temperature Loggers

Measurement Computing Corp., Middleboro, MA, offers the USB-501 temperature and USB-502 temperature and humidity battery-powered data loggers. Both devices log up to 16,382 temperature measurements from –35°C to 80°C; the USB-502 also logs up to 16,382 RH measurements over the full 0%–100% RH range. The loggers plug into a standard PC or laptop USB port for setup and data download. Software is included. (508-946-5100,

Protective Sensor Brackets

SoftNoze USA Inc., Frankfort, NY, offers GuardHouse brackets for threaded-barrel photoelectric sensors that have protective tabs extending around the sensor and reflector to provide protection from damage. Adjustment slots make sensor-reflector alignment easier. The brackets are fabricated from heavy gauge SS. You can specify individual brackets for sensors or reflectors or pairs to match up emitter/receiver sensors and sensor/reflector pairs. (315-732-2726,

Process Calibrator/Meter

The P32 calibrator/meter from Wahl Instruments Inc., Asheville, NC, aids in the installation and maintenance of sensors and transmitters that use process signals, such as 4–20 mA or 0–10 V. Features include a graphic interface, 0.015% of reading accuracy, the ability to generate simple or cyclic ramps, scaling of measured and generated signals, statistical calculations, a hold function, and the ability to measure current output of transmitters using HART protocol. (800-421-2853, [email protected],

1 MHz USB DA Boards

IOtech Inc., Cleveland, OH, offers the DaqBoard/ 3000USB Series of 1 MHz, 16-bit DA boards for OEM and embedded applications. Each board provides up to 32 differential or 64 single-ended analog inputs, 24 high-speed digital I/O, waveform-capable analog outputs, 4 counter inputs (quadrature encoder capable), and 2 timer outputs. Features include a 1 MHz 16-bit ADC, 4 built-in thermocouple inputs, synchronous I/O, and low-latency control outputs. (440-439-4091, [email protected],

M2M Communication Terminal

A communication terminal for connecting industrial equipment to the Internet over GPRS, PSTN, and Ethernet networks, the eDindus from eDevice SA, Merignac, France, handles all communication protocols necessary to transfer information on a TCP/IP network. The device includes an FTP client, email client, a Web server, and its software development kit lets you create and embed scripts in an interpreted language. A 16-bit microprocessor handles Modbus protocol and allows specific C-coded client modules to be embedded in the terminal. (+33 (0)5-56-12-77-79, [email protected], In the U.S., contact the French Technology Press Office, Chicago, IL, 312-327-5260, [email protected])

Wireless Sensor System

Moteiv Corp., San Francisco, CA, offers its Tmote Invent wireless sensor system that lets you build and install custom wireless sensor applications more easily and cheaply. The system combines in one case the company's Tmote Sky sensor module for communication and computation, a rechargeable battery, an integrated suite of sensors, a microphone, and a speaker. Software uses the company's distribution of TinyOS. Common sensors include those for light, temperature, sound, and acceleration. (415-692-0960,

PC-Based Gauging System

NDC Infrared Engineering, Irwindale, CA, offers a lower-cost version of its Pro.Net PC-based supervisory system, capable of managing up to 2 product scanners and measurement sensors for extrusion, nonwovens, calendaring, and simple coating applications. The PC provides an interface through the use of Windows XP and the company's HMI software. The MicroBRIC PLC-like industrial computer system performs the product measurement, scanning, and control functions. (626-960-3300, [email protected],

Bluetooth to IP Gateway

Sena Technologies, Milpitas, CA, offers the Parani100 Bluetooth to IP gateway that connects Bluetooth devices to a 10/100Base-T Ethernet network. The device supports point-to-multipoint connectivity for up to 7 points and transmits data from each Bluetooth terminal to a management station via TCP/IP at 723 Kbps. Designed for large-scale wireless installations, the Parani100 supports various operating modes. It runs on an embedded Linux OS with Flash memory, built-in Web server, Web interface, and status LEDs. (866-887-7362, [email protected],

Machine Vision System

The Count Accura from The Value Engineering Alliance (VEA), Cambridge, MA, is a PC-based automated system that uses a 6 Megapixel camera and lens combination, illumination, and image processing and analysis software to provide exact counts of boxes or trays of inserts/outserts for FDA compliance, validation, or reconciliation. The standard configuration system processes boxes of inserts/outserts up to 12 x 24 in. and containing a max. of 8 rows of up to 250 inserts each; counting times are <500 ms. (617-492-1252, [email protected],

Portable Readout

The HPM420 Series from Webster Instruments, Milwaukee, WI, is a handheld readout that features a 2-line display for simultaneous readings from 2 variable inputs for diagnostic measurements of flow, pressure, pressure differential, temperature, speed, current, or voltage. Other features include automatic sensor recognition, models with 4 or 6 inputs, and simultaneous measurement and data logging. The readout's data logging has a variable scanning rate and memory for up to 250,000 readings. (800-932-8378, [email protected],

Bidirectional Current Transducers

The 929 Series from American Aerospace Controls (AAC), Farmingdale, NY, are bidirectional current transducers capable of following extremely fast DC and/or AC current waveforms in the range of DC to 350 kHz. The 1.9 x 3.3 x 1.9 in. transducers are available in 8 models with input current ranges from 0 A DC to ±50 A DC through 0 A DC to ±400 A DC and feature ±1.0% F.S. accuracy. (888-873-8559, [email protected],

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