USB-Based Tilt Sensor

The DLP-TILT from Saelig Co. Inc., Pittsford, NY, is a USB-powered intelligent board with a 2-axis, ±2 g accelerometer for motion sensing and control. It can be used for tilt sensing for up to ±60° from center in both X and Y axes with position reported in 8- or 10-bit resolution from the microcontroller's ADC. It can also be used for vibration analysis for frequencies up to 3000 Hz, AC signal analysis, and as a pointing device. (585-385-1750, [email protected],

Magnetic Sensors

Honeywell SSEC, Minneapolis, MN, offers its HMC1041Z, HMC1042L, and HMC1043 magnetoresistive sensors for low-field magnetic sensing. The 1.08 × 4.10 × 1.05 mm HMC1041Z vertical sensor is for compact magnetic sensor applications such as vehicle detection current sensing. The 3.0 × 3.0 × 0.8 mm, 2-axis HMC1042L is for moderate to precision compassing and navigation applications. The 3 × 3 × 1.2 mm HMC1043 incorporates 3 sensors and is for applications where tilt-compensated compassing is required. (800-323-8295, intl. 763-954-2474,

CO, NO 2 Sensor

Z Gard DS sensors from MSA Instrument Div., Pittsburgh, PA, detect the presence of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide gases in various applications. The unit uses electrochemical sensors and provides either an addressable RS-485 output or separate 4–20 mA analog outputs. The sensor with RS-485 output can operate with any Z Gard C 485 controller while the analog output sensor can be installed as a stand-alone sensor integrated with a controller, PLC, or building automation system. (800-672-4678,

Anti-Fouling Transducer

The submersible Series 705 level transducer from Pressure Systems Inc., Hampton, VA, provides depth measurement in adverse conditions and features a wide Teflon-coated sensing area with a flush elastometric diaphragm to prevent clogging. Custom level ranges are from 6 ft.H2O to 115 ft.H2O and available outputs are 4–20 mA or 0–5 VDC. A welded 316 SS or titanium housing protects the electronics. (800-678-7226, [email protected],

Tubular Proximity Sensors

North American Operating Div. of Schneider Electric, Palatine, IL, offers Telemecanique CS6 auto-adaptable inductive proximity sensors. The fully shielded cylindrical inductive proximity sensors, part of the company's Osiconcept family, are available in 8, 12, 18, and 30 mm sizes; all but the 8 mm version have self-teach capabilities. Options include 2-wire AC/DC and 3-wire DC with NO or NC outputs and cable or connector versions. (800-392-8781, [email protected],,

Analog Front End

The MCP2030 from Microchip Technology Inc., Chandler, AZ, is a stand-alone 3-channel transponder analog front end for smart, low-frequency wireless authentication applications, such as passive keyless entry, tire pressure monitoring systems, and DA. Features include adjustable input sensitivity of 3 mVpp typical, 3-axis reception, and an intelligent wake-up filter to extend battery life. The device communicates with a microcontroller over an SPI bus and its features are dynamically controlled by the microcontroller. (888-628-6247,

Wireless Serial Device Server

The LS100W from Sena Technologies Inc., Milpitas, CA, serial device server is designed to connect RS-232 serial devices such as medical equipment, manufacturing machinery, DA devices, printers, and scales to a host computer via an 802.11b wireless LAN. In infrastructure mode, the server transmits serial device data to the host PC via an access point. In ad-hoc mode, it provides a full duplex serial exchange between serial devices through the server. (866-887-7362, [email protected],

MEMS Mass Flowmeters

Siargo Inc., Cupertino, CA, offers FS1000, FS2000, and FS3000 Series MEMS mass flow sensors for medical and environmental applications. The FS1000 Series measures flows from 0~250 lpm. The FS200 Series can perform bidirectional measurement and is available with a flow range switch for improved accuracy. The FS3000 Series extends the flow range up to 1200 lpm. Digital and analog outputs are offered. (408-255-1731, [email protected],

Accelerometer with Integral Electronics

VIP Sensors, San Juan Capistrano, CA, offers its Model 2010A stud-mounted piezoelectric accelerometer with integral electronics (IEPE) for general vibration measurements on structures or objects. Features include a high SNR, high output sensitivity, and bandwidth up to 10 kHz. The low impedance voltage output is transmitted through the same cable that supplies the constant current power. (949-429-3558, [email protected],

Linear Current Sensors

Allegro MicroSystems Inc., Worcester, MA, offers ACS706 isolated integrated current sensing devices that can measure either AC or DC currents. The bidirectional sensors have a power lead frame designed for extremely low power loss and combine a low-offset linear Hall sensor circuit with a copper conduction path located near the surface of the die. The Hall IC senses a magnetic field generated by applied current flowing through the copper conduction path and converts it to a proportional voltage. (508-853-5000,

Positive Displacement Flowmeter

JVK Series positive displacement flowmeters from AW Co., Franksville, WI, feature Kynar bodies, Teflon gears, and ceramic shafts for use in chemical dispensing of acid and caustic-based fluids. The flowmeters use nonintrusive optically based sensors and magnet-free gears. Flow ranges are from 0.02 gpm to 7 gpm with accuracy of ±1%. The meters feature a max. temperature rating of 185°F, withstand pressures up to 500 psi, and retain their accuracy in changing viscosity and temperature. (262-884-9800, [email protected],

Wireless Multigas Monitor

RAE Systems Inc., San Jose, CA, offers the AreaRAE Responder and RAELink 2-E ATEX-certified wireless multigas monitor for the European market. The AreaRAE Responder supports up to 5 simultaneous gas sensors including oxygen, LEL and photoionization detector for VOCs, and any two of the following: ammonia, carbon monoxide, chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide, phosphine, and sulfur dioxide. The RAELink 2-E is the companion wireless gateway. (+45-8652-5155, [email protected],

Ultrasonic Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs Inc., Twinsburg, OH, offers a family of 12 mm dia. analog and switch-point ultrasonic sensors with digital programming, quick-disconnect cables, and automatic temperature compensation. Features include an adjustable 50– 400 mm sensing range, 50 ms response time, 4–20 mA/20–4 mA and 0–10 V/10–0 V analog output, and resolution to 0.17 mm. The sensors are IP65-rated, UL-listed, CSA-certified, and carry the CE mark. (330-486-0001, [email protected],

Temperature Sensor Design Kit

The Noninvasive Sensors Design Kit (part number TB-S1) from Minco, Minneapolis, MN, includes 2 Thermal-Ribbon RTDs, a waterproof Thermal-Tab RTD, and a Bolt-on Sensor RTD with a TempTran 4–20 mA temperature transmitter. The kit gives you the products and instructions to sense temperatures in places that would be difficult with traditional invasive sensing methods. (763-571-3121, [email protected],

Data Logger/DA System

Composed of compact SLX718 units and miniature SensorLex 8B analog signal conditioners, the isoLynx SLX718 from Dataforth Corp., Tucson, AZ, offers stand-alone or PC-tethered data logging. You can change I/O on a per-channel basis for each of 8 signal conditioner locations. Versions are differentiated by packaging, interface type, and PC-tethered or stand-alone operation. Interface options are USB or Ethernet. Stand-alone units accept standard 16 MB to 1 GB Secure Digital memory. (800-444-7644, [email protected],

Magnetic Proximity Sensors

Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works Inc., Penacook, NH, offers its C12 bi-stable sensor and magnet and ELE sensors for positioning and speed sensing applications. Magnetic sensors can sense a magnet almost 2 in. away and are offered with dry contact, npn, or pnp outputs. Capacitive sensors have adjustable sensitivity, allowing the sensor to see through various materials, eliminating holes in sidewalls. (603-753-6321, [email protected],


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