Tollgrade Introduces LightHouse Upgrade

PITTSBURGH, PA (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tollgrade Communications (Nasdaq:TLGD) announced an upgrade to its LightHouse centralized grid monitoring system, featuring new analytics and sensor improvements. The LightHouse solution enables electric utilities to provide real-time grid intelligence and immediate fault detection, and helps to minimize the impact of outages and optimize utilization of assets.

"Tollgrade's LightHouse technology helps utilities meet today's continually evolving regulatory challenges," said Ed Kennedy, Tollgrade President and CEO. "Additional benefits of the LightHouse system include improved operational efficiency and improved customer satisfaction, because of the upgrade's accurate and immediate distribution system information and analytics."

LightHouse release 1.2 provides analytic and sensor upgrades designed to provide numerous benefits for utility customers, including the following:

  • Distribution personnel receive immediate information—including detailed outage histories and outage status information—which aids in planning, asset management and operations, and helps utilities to meet regulatory targets for customer satisfaction. Sensors provide analytics for accurate fault location, which means you can assure customers calling to report the problem that crews are on their way to repair damages and restore service.
  • The LightHouse recloser counters, analytics for capacitor bank operation, and archive outage data, give asset planners the information needed to develop preventive maintenance schedules based on failure trends, breaker operations and fault magnitude.
  • The LightHouse SMS software provides real-time outage notification and fault location alarms to system operators, who can then send crews to the exact faulted segment. Accurate fault location enables circuit switching to restore the greatest number of customers before repairs begin.

The LightHouse system will be demonstrated in booth #848 at DistribuTECH in San Diego from February 1–3.

About Tollgrade
Tollgrade Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:TLGD) is a leading provider of network assurance solutions for the telecommunications and utilities industries.

Our real-time Smart Grid Monitoring solutions allow utility customers to continuously detect key circuit parameters, and communicate mission critical data wirelessly to a central location to provide Continuous Grid Intelligence. Tollgrade telecommunication products and solutions enable communication service providers to efficiently manage their access networks in an age of increased competition, continually evolving technology, and ongoing pressure to reduce costs. Our customers include more than 60 of the world's telecommunications operators, which equates to over 250 million subscriber lines being tested by Tollgrade solutions.


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