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PresseBox -- Today, less and less people are interested in founding their own company: they are reluctant to take the risk. That the endeavor of a company start-up can be immensely rewarding regardless, is the personal conclusion of Warren Bucks, successful entrepreneur from the business and economic simulation economica: Future Industries. The newest game by astragon Entertainment is set to be released in the first quarter of 2016. “To be able to witness your business growing and how your decisions directly influence its development is something very special.”

That is why Warren Bucks recommends everybody to follow his lead and tackle the project of a company foundation themselves playing economica: Future Industries. On a randomly generated map in three size variants, the player will have the opportunity to start his own business on the base of a flexible starting budget: land needs to be bought and the first buildings constructed in order to exploit raw materials and create initial processable products. One of Mr. Bucks most important tips right at the beginning of the game therefore is: “No matter if you decide to mine for ore underground, till fields, clear forests or raise livestock on a farm, you should already have a first idea what kind of products you would like to sell later on.”

Only when this solid base has been created, it is worthwhile to establish industry, which will turn basic products into final goods. Afterwards the acquisition of stores in local cities should be the next step: commercial centers enable the sale of marketable wares to the end customer. There is a lot that should be kept in mind during this stage, seeing especially that there are potential virtual competitors, who will also do their best to lead their own businesses to success. Warren Bucks summarizes some of the most important points: “Which kind of product do I want to sell? How is the situation in the market regarding this product? Is there a demand? What are my competitors doing? You need to keep an eye on all of this. It is definitely a good idea to invest some money in market research and, especially when it comes to getting ahead of your competition, advertising should never be neglected.“

In the course of the game, the player will experience the ups and downs of a market. Unexpected events can even mean a change of strategy for him. He will need to decide on the number of different production buildings, the most efficient ways of transport and the appropriate wages for his staff. His research department will develop new future-oriented products while refining already existing ones. “All of this will show which type of entrepreneur the player will be and how well he will be able to adapt to his competitors. Who is the technology nerd that loves innovation, who prefers to copy successful strategies of others to create a “me-too”? Who will rely on quantity and who on quality when it comes to their products? How much worth is assigned to advertising? It pays to find out which strategy will be best for each business,” advises Mr Bucks. But there is not only the local market to be considered in economica: Future Industries. All goods, raw materials and basic products can be sold and bought in an open market at any time.

The wide scope and complexity of economica: Future Industries will offer the player an impressively realistic business and economic simulation. Everyone who would like to try their hand at becoming a successful businessman can look forward to the release of economica: Future Industries in the first quarter of 2016.

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