Tiny Synchronous Buck Converter Sports 100V/1A Rating

Texas Instruments claims its LM5164 wide-input-voltage (VIN) synchronous DC/DC buck step-down voltage converter offers the industry's best combination of light load efficiency, ease of design, and overall cost. The 100V, 1A LM5164 step-down voltage converter reportedly shrinks board space and, when used with the company’s WEBENCH Power Designer, it enables simpler, faster power conversion design.


The LM5164 regulator features a constant on-time (COT) control architecture and integrates high- and low-side power MOSFETs. The device operates from a wide input voltage of 6V to 100V and delivers up to a 1A dc load current. The COT architecture requires no external compensation, while an internal VCC bias supply and bootstrap diode eliminates an additional capacitor.


The automotive-grade LM5164-Q1 is also available. The 100-V LM5164 and LM5164-Q1 are priced in small reels at $1.53 and $2.04, respectively, each/1,000-unit quantities. The LM5164-Q1EVM-041 evaluation module is available for $75. For more details, checkout the LM5164 datasheet.

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