Tiny Remote-Head Camera from Wilco Imaging

Tiny Remote-Head Camera from Wilco Imaging
Wilco Imaging Inc.

Wilco Imaging Inc., San Diego, CA, offers the Elmo SUV-Cam, a remote-head waterproof camera designed for recording professionals. The 130 g system captures 480H by 420V TV lines of resolution that can be viewed on the built-in 2.2 in. LCD. The remote-head camera is housed in a waterproof, rugged SS lipstick-style case. The system includes the recorder main unit with built-in microphone, an external microphone output, and an SD card slot, a remote camera head, USB cable, AV cable, AC adapter, earphone, detachable battery pack, and belt clip.

Contact Info

Company: Wilco Imaging Inc.
Phone number: 858-689-2443
Fax: 858-689-8643

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