Tiny Pressure Sensor Eliminates Zero Shifts

Tiny Pressure Sensor Eliminates Zero Shifts
Measurement Specialties Inc.

Residing in a titanium package for reliable operation in harsh environments, Measurement Specialties’ XP5 miniature pressure sensor relies on SanShift technology to eliminate zero shifts caused by installation torque. A temperature-compensated Wheatstone bridge with high stability micro-machined silicon strain gauges makes up the XP5’s core sensing technology. It is suitable for use in both static and dynamic applications and is available in absolute, sealed, and gauge configurations from 1 bar to 70 bar, with a sealed format available up to 350 bar. Options include an onboard amplifier for ranges from 5 bar to 350 bar and a custom temperature probe for all ranges. A datasheet is available at http://www.meas-spec.com/downloads/XP5.pdf. For more details, contact Bob Arkell via email at [email protected] or phone 760-466-7614.

Measurement Specialties Inc.
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